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10 March, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: Effort D'université

The Musclés Dé Dansé is a new series of posts starting with this post, Effort D'université. The French name can be translated as ‘The Dancing Muscles’ in English that symbolizes the continuous usage of muscles that comes from the Effort D'université, college stress. The whole series will be something like a college diary about college life.

Used to be home by three
Now I never get free
Everyone seems to agree
Student, I’ll be a dead tree

Work keeps coming until I don’t know time
I hardly can make this darned thing rhyme
Ain’t no bell and no chime
Getting killed, I’ll say I’m

Death maths takes away biology
Failure bring in psychology
Plenty more of anthropology
Parents, I’ll owe an apology

Exploration is fun with food
Nothing is better when meals are good
Teachers do change the mood
Patience, I’ll not be rude

Vans aren’t safe with my driver
Bile flows back into my liver
It’ll soon be over
Swing, I’ll get a fever

Memory losing into the red
Showing bright in my grade
Can’t remember to even sit straight
Concentrate, I’ll not be afraid

Failing is never nice
Not a game with a dice
It’s like how we get rice
Mom, Dad, I’ll arise

That is all I have got to introduce in college. Transport, human relations and college grades is a nightmare in college.


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