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27 December, 2008

Mystery Of The Unknown: Commercials for Christians

This is really hillarious for people of all religion, especially Christians. Please dont be too paranoid watching this just after Christmas...

See that? That is exactly what Christianity has become after years of commercial evolution.


16 December, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: Victor or Loser

Everything has ended in college, it is time to tell who is the victor and the loser.
I can't really say I'm a victor but at least I did't lose at all.
South Australian Matriculation was a tough process.
And the product of the process comes out today.

17 December Wow!!! It is today...
SACE results finally out.
Adrenalin pumps high, like a boost of nitrous
TER 91.60 man...!!! Wow...
power up, 2 fast 2 furious
no drifting off the path, it's a death race...


12 December, 2008

Mystery Of The Unknown: Eye On Malacca

There is actually no mystery, no suspense but just a few pictures of the Eye On Malaysia taken from Malacca city with a night setting. There seems to be very few pictures of the Eye in Malacca since it was only shifted in November and I would like to show some of the snapshots I took during my trip.

<This is the Eye on Malaysia in Malacca, a spectacular view captured with only a 2.0 megapixel camera phone.

This is another > closer view of the Eye but was taken a little later, so the background is darker and creates a luminating Eye feel with a slight light distortion from the moonlight on the top left-hand corner.


Of course Malacca is not just about the Eye, there are also many delicacies not found in any other parts of Malaysia (even if there are, nothing is as good as the original).

Can you see the number of people waiting to enter the shop? You must be thinking "what are they waiting for?". If you look closely at the picture, there are gas tanks under every table. There are only two unrelated S-words to describe this meal, Soup & Stick.

I know Malaccans will be shouting out the answer by now, for non-malaccans, (sound of drums) I present to you, Satay Celup.

This dish is certainly very interesting and entertaining because it has a fusion of food cultures, the Malay Satay and Malaysian Chinese Lok-lok. The boiling hot water in lok-lok is replaced by delicious satay nut sauce which adds on to the taste of anything dunked into the pot. I'm not sure whether every shop has the same ingredients but Restoran Capitol in Malacca uses not only nuts but chicken serunding(meat floss) for their soup.

Like every lok-lok and satay shop, food are arranged with sticks so that they are convenient for serving.

This post is not about food or the Eye of Malaysia, it is about my visit to Malacca, but as a food lover, I tend get too excited...

05 December, 2008

Mystery Of The Unknown: Octo-meal

Just a few weeks ago, I had a trip to Penang as part of my post-trauma relieve treatment. It may sound very astonishing but it is just a holiday. The journey to Penang was not very long, but it was fun to drive there while speeding the car to a cruising speed of 110km/h. That surely isn't the important part of the journey, the main attraction was what I would call as the "Octo-meal" from a famous Restoran NT Cheang Kee in Nibong Tebal, Penang. WOW...

For starters, the Octo-meal is simple meal served with a dish which consist only with octopus.

Does it look tasty to you? This dish is surprisingly delicious if u would ask me. Of course this octo-meal must be endeavoured with chili sauce sprinkled with grounded nuts. Oh! Don't worry! It isn't moving. Spectacular...

Other than octopus, this restaurant is most famous for their seafood porridge, namely crab and fish porridge. And honestly speaking, this porridge is the second best porridge I have enjoyed in my life (the best is my mom's).Above is the yummy-licious crab porridge... See those white freshy crab meat above the tasty soup!  That will prove the amount of delicious ingredients in it And this is the fish porridge. For those who do not like spring onion (like me), don't bother about it because the soup is so tasty you won't even notice it

As a KL-ian, I also got to express my love for Pork (no offence to Muslims) by indulging myself in the simplest Pork dish ever, Eu Chai Shio Bak (Hokkien for fried vegetables with barbecue pork).Are you feeling hungry now? I'm actually really hungry as I'm writing this. If you wanna visit this restaurant to get a bite, here is the address:

No. 60 & 62, Jalan Besar, Air Lintas, Taman Merbah, 14300, Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang

Tel: 04-5943728

That's all Folks, maybe I'll drop in another food post next time

lalanandaFRY 5/12/08

01 December, 2008

Mystery Of The Unknown: Rel-uh-tiv-i-tee

When everyone is tall, there is no tall
When everyone is small, there is no small
When everyone is rich, there is no rich
When everyone is smart, there is no smart
Book Of Relativity
by lalanandaFRY

Why shall thou beest above?
Why am I here?
Why shan't I fly?
Why will thou mournst me?
Book Of Relativity
by lalanandaFRY

Who can utter the differences between an ivory tower and an ebony slum?
Book Of Relativity
by lalanandaFRY