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26 June, 2007

Mystery Of The Unknown: To See The Light Of Hope

I came back from school with my hopes to take a deep breath, eat a wholesome lunch, practice my piano and start my half work, half entertainment activity on the computer. I had almost ten minutes of privacy reading the daily news when I hear an interrupting sound. It was my mother's car! I was very worried that I may not be able to undergo my plans as expected. But I was lucky because she was just stopping by for lunch and went back to her office immediately. I ate my lunch like a king on my throne while reading the newspaper without worries about time or accidents.

But when I was about the step to start playing my piano, the fan above me started to slow down. Then I was thinking to myself whether the circuit breaker of my house had problems. I tried opening the power box just a distant away, but there seemed to be no problem with it. Then I knew that there is going to be a power failure. On a burning hot Friday afternoon, living in a house without any air circulation is a killer. The temperature was about 33 °C, but it feels like a marinated chicken inserted into a wok with boiling hot water. I felt a sudden breeze blowing hot air and thought to myself that I am going to continue playing the piano with hopes that the electricity comes back on soon.

I had fun trying to figure out the keys of my favorite Linkin Park songs Numb, What I've Done and In The End on the piano with the help of the only electrical device working besides the clock, my handphone. I used my phones MP3 capability to play those songs and match them with the piano keys to recreate the atmosphere I love in the songs. The songs did indeed divert my attention away from the heat and made me enjoy the music while sweating.

I played the piano for almost two hours when I ran out of nice songs to play. I made my decision to start doing some reading work. I was not interested in reading about school stuff. I opened my book cabinet and took my long forgotten book, The DaVinci Code and continued reading from the place I had stop reading for almost a year ago. Although the book is good, I did not find it interesting because I have watched the movie three times and got the summary from my mother who read the book till the last page last year. She was so happy with Dan Brown, the author of The DaVinci Code that she wanted to buy the three other books in his collection. I took out the next book, Dan Brown's Angels and Demons that I bought for her as her birthday present. She also told me a very short introduction of the story and I was very curious to what happens after where she stopped.

Reading has not been part of my life. Many books that I have read in my life are left at a cliffhanger. I love reading stories till the climax and letting people tell me what happens next but not reading the next few pages left. If you do not know, Malaysian Education Department has produced several books for English and Bahasa Malaysia literature components for students but I have only read one book from the start till the end. For English, there are The Phantom of The Opera, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Pearl but I have only read The Phantom of The Opera till the end. I would not want to list down all the Bahasa Malaysia books because I have not finish any of them. That is just my point of reading, for something to excite my imagination to figure out the ending and not relying on the written conclusion of the story.

It has been months since I had a touch on my bicycle that I once loved to ride. My father came back from work early on this unfortunate Friday. He tried to open the automatic gate of my house with a remote control but failed because that was no electrical supply. This made him irritated and as soon as he parked his car, he went to the security guard post protecting my housing area to enquire. On the other hand, I was trilled feeling the gentle breeze blowing towards me when I took my first step out of my house after being roasted in this enormous oven. I then decided to take my bicycle out for a spin around the half occupied residential area. The wind was very strong blowing towards me as I rode my bicycle against the stream of cool breeze.

The situation was very interesting because when car reached their house and try to open their automatic gate, it will just ignore the order and that will make the owner of the house really angry after having a busy day working in the office. Many old and young people were carrying stools out of their houses to get out of their overheated furnace and enjoy the natural winds. Suddenly, a large BMW 5 series turns slowly into his house very confidently without knowing that there was a power failure. When the owner press on the automatic gate remote control, the gate swings open for him to drive straight in. I was overjoyed knowing that the electricity has return to normal. I rushed back to my house and the first thing I did was to try switching on my fan. Out of my surprise, it did not move at all. I try switching on my light instead but it still did not light up. That broke my hopes for getting a cool down and getting a nice bottle of cold water from the refrigerator.

My father came back from the security guard post and told me that the whole residential area that includes many blocks of apartments, two rows of shop lots and my housing area is having a power failure. When I told him about the gate opening for one of my neighbors, he said that they have a generator at home. I was very bored without anything to do. My father took my bicycle out for a ride and so I took a small stool out to my garden to have a sit while playing a game on my handphone.

Time flies faster than a speeding bullet, my mother finally came home from work and we made our decision to eat in a nearby shop before I go for my Additional Mathematics tuition. It was nice feeling the air circulate around my body when I entered the restaurant because my body was just about to get used to the blazing sun radiating the heat burning my epidermis away. I enjoyed my meal very much and proceeded to my tuition center. The session was also fun having to meet my friends, enjoying comfort in an air-conditioned room. After tuition, my parents even fetched me to go for a late night shopping at Endah Parade's Carefour because there was still no electrical supply to my house.

Before returning to my house, I had high hopes again that the electrical supply would be back on. But upon arrival, I witness a dark road leading to my housing area without a sign of light. I could barely see the street lamps and the houses. Every house had candles lighted in their dining tables. If you do not know there is no electrical supply, you will think it is Valentines Day because people are having very romantic atmosphere sitting round the table contemplating on the happy times they had together. My family unloaded the goods from the car and did the same with something extra we bought from Carefour, durian and mango juice. We enjoyed the food very much knowing that we may have to suffer the whole night without air-conditioning and more mosquitoes.

As I was walking up to my room to sleep, I was too used to switching on my light that I did not realize that there was a power failure. When I press the switch, the light turned on. I was surprised seeing the light of hope brightening the light in my heart. That moment was the happiest time I have not had for a long time. But now the worries was not on whether I have to sleep in a mosquito buffet but whether this electrical supply will last long enough for me to have a comfortable sleep. Fortunately, after a minute seeing the light of hope shinning at me, I continued to change to my pajamas to sleep.

Although power failure is quite a normal thing to happen in every part of the world, to see the light of hope shinning at me really made me feel a sense of satisfaction in my life. The light may just be any light from any source but as long it brings a meaning in life, that light is a light of hope. This light itself takes me another step towards my quest investigating on the MYSTERY OF THE UNKNOWN.


06 June, 2007

Mystery Of The Unknown: Time Is A Square Thing

From this date, 31st of May, 2007, the new series of posts 'Mystery Of The Unknown' will be the new category in my blog. I will have a totally new genre and different happenings in my life over a longer time. The 'Entry To Hell' has not been a nice experience for me as a new kid in the block in terms of posting blogs.

I will be starting this series with a short writing written by me about some happenings that occured to me just yesterday, 30th of May, 2007. Lets see whether you understand it or not.

Kuala Lumpur is a large city
Teens get to loiter around shopping centers
Adults have to work their heads of all day
A bunch of teens got themselves on the rail
On their way to the large city that welcomes them.

Light Rail Transit is a great stucture
Many people travel around with it
The old, young, working and students
The bunch of teens are amongst those people
Starting their journey from home to the Land of Opportunity

Money is a means of exchange for goods
But making them are not easy especially for adults
It is the responsibility of the youngs to treasure them
The bunch of teens saved them by only taking a train
Having a short walk from the station to their destination

Berjaya Time Square is a huge stucture in the heart of the city
Just by crossing a few roads, the bunch of teens made their way there
Being early, the shops in the buildings have not opened
The teens had a slow and steady walk across the enormous corridors
Waiting for the golden screen to open their shuttles

Movies are entertainment enjoyed by everyone
There were two new blockbuster movies they were about to watch
But shows does not start that early in the morning
Bowling has become a passing time then
We had strikes, spares and misses with enthusiasm

Spider-man has been a hero to everyone
Three movies has been made for this amazing superhero
They were about to watch the newest third installment of this hero
It was a rush from bowling to this next agenda
There was no time to rest between programmes

Lunch is a meal eaten in middle of the day
The movie was long and there was not much time to fill their stomach
The next movie was about to show in less than thirty minutes
Many of them still insisted in eating in the crowded food stalls
A small group went to a convenient store for a very light meal

Jack Sparrow is a dedicated captain
He is the main character in the next movie they were about to watch
The small group entered the cinema again early
The rest were still in time for the starting of the movie
And everyone enjoyed the show

Good and bad things will always come to an end
It only matters whether it ends fast or slow
The day seemed like a happy day for the bunch of teenagers
But every sunrise ends with a sunset
The days journey had just came to an end

Do you understand? My writting may not be very good, it may even be a little funny for a teen like me to write a nine part writting about a journey of twelve teenagers enjoying their day in Berjaya Time Square watching two movies and bowling. Although it may be a rush, everyone enjoyed it and cannot wait for the next journey to start.

This should be my last journeys with my friends to a movie for now until November this year, but I am very excited waiting for the next journey that may start again at the end of the year. Anyway, there is still a long time more for me to discover the Mystery Of The Unknown.


Entry To Hell: End, Finale, Shuryo-suru, Tamat

Finale, shuryo-suru and tamat are the many translations of the English word 'End' in Italian, Japanese and Malay. To be straight forward, this is the last post of 'Entry To Hell' after ten posts. I will not be continueing this because my Diagnostic Test has ended, even the results are almost completely distributed.

For the last ten posts, I have expressed my experience, feelings and ideas that I can think of in the two weeks of Diagnostic Test and the one week of result distribution. If you have read all of them, you will roughly know the things that I like and things that I hate, things that I enjoy and things that I do not. That will paint a better picture of me, myself and I. So if this is your first time reading my blog, you should start reading from my first post, Entry To Hell : the Chronicles of life and death. It may look like I did many research for these posts, but to tell you frankly, I did not do any at all.

I hope you would not go to the book stores to the look for the book like 'Book Of History' by lalanandaFRY, 'The Chronicles Of The History Paper' by lalanandaFRY, 'The Followers Of The Aizen Law by lalanandaFRYand so on. These are all fictional sources made by me to make the blog more interesting. But please do get more religous books from the book stores to enhance your religous knowledge no matter what religion you believe in.

You should also read more jokes from the internet to make yourself more motivated and entertained to create a positive atitude and point of view. You should not forget to read your school books and revision books. This is especially important for those having critical examinations like SPM.

Lastly, I would like to tell you to observe my blog oftenly because I may be starting a new series of blogs soon entitled 'Mystery Of The Unknown'. I hope you would enjoy that too.

Transmission Ends Here


Entry To Hell: Wake Me For The Future To Come

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when september ends

That is the starting phrase of Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends . But you have not seen my version of this song, Wake Me Up When The Exam Ends.

Exam has come and passed
These situations never last
wake me up when the exam ends

Like the teacher come and pass
Only two week's gone so fast
wake me up when the exam ends

Here comes the holiday
after teachers day
we will be back again
return as who we are

As the school comes to a rest
But never forget what I've learnt
wake me up when the exam ends

Exam has come and passed
These situations never last
wake me up when the exam ends

ring out the bells again
like holiday reached the end
wake me up when the exam ends

Here comes the holiday
after teachers day
we will be back again
return as who we are

As the school comes to a rest
But never forget what I've learnt
wake me up when the exam ends

Exam has come and passed
These situations never last
wake me up when the exam ends

Like the teacher come and pass
Only two week's gone so fast
wake me up when the exam ends
wake me up when the exam ends
wake me up when the exam ends

This is the special song for the Entry To Hell, maybe you can call it the theme song, maybe a special dedication to the students, teachers and the government who worked hard for this Diagnostic test to make it an average success. To those who have helped me and supported me, I, lalanandaFRY salute to you. Hope we students will get the best of results.

But unfortunately, not everyone did well in the test. Many people including me have struggled but did not get the desired marks. Situation is not as bad as it seems, as long we study hard, practice hard and pay attention to the knowledge provided by the books and teachers, we will excel to the best in SPM.


Entry To Hell: A Man's Bad Dream is a ......

Today, I have had a feeling things would not be as I hoped it would be. Things that I expect to be good be bad and so on. But although my prediction has not been as good as I want, it is right for this time. Today is the worst day a person would have ever. I have never dreamt of this day ever coming until now.

Memorizing text, formulae or facts has not been part of my expertise but there are many subjects that learn in school that require me to do so. Amongst them are History, Moral and the science subjects. Fortunately for me, the formulae for the science subjects are provided and it has made me more confident in doing those examinations. Unfortunately, the moral values for the Moral exam and history events of History are not given. This is my biggest problem.

That is only the beginning of my problem. The Moral test conducted by the Kuala Lumpur Ministry of Education crippled my last hope to success in this Diagnostic Test by letting brainless school teachers like mine mark my papers. There are thirty-six moral values to remember including their explainations and examples. To remember those were not very easy for a person like me with weak memory, but after successfully squeezing them into my tiny head, the moral teacher demanded more from me. Let me ask you, if you were given an assignment like this, would you care about the spelling mistakes, punctuations and mannerism while remembering? It is definitely good to remember every single word and symbol at the right place and good grammatical structure. But during the intenst two and a half hour test, no one would be able to spit out the moral values correctly at the appropraite question with exact grammatical structure.

Another point is that we students are required to relate these moral values to the question. Sometimes in a question, many answers are possible for one question because they made a mistake by asking it too genarally. But our school moral teacher with a brain smaller than a peanut only let students answer one answer specificly without any grammatical mistake, no adding supporting words and no rearrangements yet she wants us to relate the question with the moral values with our own words. This is definitely outrageous to everyone.

Eventhough this is true, this moral teacher does not follow the moral values the has taught us, for example, hard-working and moderation. If you think most teachers are hard-working, let me tell you this, I have one who is definitely not but from my opinion, the laziest teacher ever. I cannot give any better example of a lazy teacher except this. I cannot believe that a teacher would let her students help her mark their own exam paper following her unreasonable answers. She is not even a moderate person. A moderate person will think very well before making a rational decision. I have never seen a teacher giving her students some nine essays at the beginning of a schooling day and expect to get it by the end of the week. You would probably be thinking that she is out of her mind but that is what she did. I barely finished those assignments and I do not expect good grades for her silly act.

Remember this, I would not want to remember this teacher for my life as a teacher who ever taught me and even calling her makes me feel like screwing a screwdriver into her brain, yet we have to stand for her before the meaningless class lesson starts. You may think I am just joking but the rage in me towards a brainless teacher like that is infinite. But do not worry, I would not do such an act because I am a rational person and unlike her, I make good decisions before performing them. I will remember this day of my life as a start of a new day with other good results and achievements without school moral. I will not lose to her arrogants during the huge and important government examination at the end of the year, SPM.


Entry To Hell: The Wait for the Coming Disaster

It has been seven posts for the Entry To Hell series in conjuction with my feelings and views within the two weeks of Diagnostic Test in my school set by the Government of Malaysia.

In the mean time, I do not want to elaborate so much about my views of religion, environment, academic or silly laws we students made in school. I just want to contemplate on what I have done and what I have experienced in the last two weeks. This Diagnostic Test may only lasted eleven school days or sixteen days, but if I include the studies I did before, I think I may be able to make a book out of all the post.

I will continue this Entry To Hell with a one way ticket to Heaven, in this case, to be happy with a big laugh. Please enjoy my few jokes.

1. A student comes to a young professor's office hours. She glances down the hall, closes his door, and kneels pleadingly. "I would do anything to pass this exam."

She leans closer to him, flips back her hair, gazes meaningfully into his eyes. "I mean," she whispers, "I would do anything."

He returns her gaze. "Anything?"


His voice turns to a whisper. "Would you... study?"

2. Little Johnny's kindergarten class was on a field trip to the local police station, where they saw pictures of the 10 Most Wanted men tacked to a bulletin board.

One of the youngsters pointed to a picture and asked if it really was the photo of a wanted person.

"Yes," said the policeman. "The detectives want him very badly."

So Little Johnny asked, "Why didn't you keep him when you took his picture?"

3. On the first day of college, the dean addressed the students, pointing out some of the rules:

"The female dormitory will be out-of-bounds for all male students, and the male dormitory to the female students. Anybody caught breaking this rule will be fined $20 the first time. Anybody caught breaking this rule the second time will be fined $60. Being caught a third time will cost you $180. Are there any questions?"

"How much for a season pass?"

4. What is defference between man and Superman?
Man wears underwear under the trouser and superman wears it over the trouser.

5. Sam: Would you punish me for some thing i didn't do?
Teacher: no, of course not.
Sam: good, because i didn't do my homework.

6. What is green and smells?
Hulk's fart.

7. How many politicians does it take to change a lightbulb ?
Two. One to change it, and another one to change it back again.

8. Why don't oysters give to charity?
Because they're shellfish.

9. This is the Recipe to Cook Turkey:
- Go buy a turkey
- Take a drink of whiskey (scotch) OR JD
- Put turkey in the oven
- Take another 2 drinks of whiskey
- Set the degree at 375 ovens
- Take 3 more whiskeys of drink
- Turn oven the on
- Take 4 whisks of drinky
- Turk the bastey
- Whiskey another bottle of get
- Stick a turkey in the thermometer
- Glass yourself a pour of whiskey
- Bake the whiskey for 4 hours
- Take the oven out of the turkey
- Take the oven out of the turkey
- Floor the turkey up off of the pick
- Turk the carvey
- Get yourself another scottle of botch
- Tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey
- Bless the saying, pass and eat out

10. There was once a hillbilly (silly man) who was extremely sad with life because people always made fun of him. He decided to do something about it. He sat back and thought about it.

Suddenly he thought - "I have never seen anyone making fun of Italians. So, if I start talking and behaving like them, no one will be able to make out that I am a hillbilly and make fun of me."

He went into isolation for three months and after a lot of practice, he walked confidently into a shop and said, "I am a very hungry. Give me some pepperoni and zucchini."

Immediately, the man behind the counter said "Are you a hillbilly?" This guy was taken aback and he repeated his request. The man behind the counter said, "Are you a hillbilly or not?"

This man was finally very ashamed and amazed at the shop owner's discerning ability and so he admitted to the fact after which he asked, "But how did you know?"

The shopkeeper replied, "This is a hardware store!"

That's all Folks, I hope you enjoyed the ten funny jokes I have given to you as a 'by the way' post for Entry To Hell. Remember this, Entry To Hell is just a matter of opinion at that time I gave the name, do not think of doing anything that does not follow the teachings of your religion. According to my religion, Buddhism, there are eight cold Narakas (hells) and eight hot Narakas, be wise not to go to either one of them. Sorry about the short religion thing again. Just be strong in judging the right from wrong and live your life to the fullest.


Entry To Hell: Is There A God In My Mind ???

God is a deity, an imaginary being with unimaginary powers to perform acts we cannot do in many religions. There are many types of believes in God, Gods or the King God. I personally cannot say which is the correct one to believe in.

In Christianity, God is the supreme being, the one who created everything we own, control everything action and everything you can think of. Did you know that the name given by Christians for their God is Abba or Yahweh that is in Hebrew and Aramaic that means 'daddy' or 'father' because they refer God as 'The Father'.

In Islam, God is very similar to the God in Christianity. God is also the creator of mankind and the universe. They call him Allah s.w.t. and apprieciates their good fortune by having prayers five times a day.

In Hinduism, folowers believe in the teaching of Gods. There is also a Trinity of Gods, Brahma the creator, Vishnu the maintainer, and Siva the destroyer. They pray mostly to Vishnu to preserve their good luck and longer life.

In many ancient countries, citizens of the country used to believe that their King is their God and the orders of the King has to be done or the citizen will be punished or cursed and sent to Hell. The fear of God is very common in many religions. The Chistian Bible did say that God had an appearance like man and has mood changes and tantrum. Devoted followers often fear in God for this reason.

To me as a Buddhist, this theory is not 100% true, I meant the theory of one God. In the Buddhist teaching that I know, Buddha is definitely not God, Avalokitesvara or Guan Yin is also not a God, even all the famous Eighteen Arhats (sap pat lo hon) are not Gods. Actually Buddha, or Siddhartha Gautama was a human like you and me. Like Einstein, he is a discoverer, not to discover the theories of realitivity but the truth of nature and the way to eternal happiness, not to be a God. On the other hand, Avalokitesvara or Guan Yin is a female deity who strives to purify herself and follow the path to the same target but has not succeeded. She shows many good qualities that should be followed by us and so the Mahayana Buddhist name her as the Boddhisattva of Compassion. The Eighteen Arhats are the eighteen disciples in the Shaolin Buddhist Temple in China. The Shaolin Temple is famous to the world for their martial arts practiced by monks to protect themselves from the lay people. The eighteen disciples had practiced and mastered eighteen out of a hundred and eight expressions and moves form the Luohanquan. They are all not Gods.

Gods do not really play an important role in Buddhism. Gods or devas are living beings like humans and animals with minds (not refering to the brain) that cannot be seen with a human eye. They are not ghost or holy spirits as said in the Bible but just beings from another plane of existence. In the Buddhist scriptures, there were many devas from the Heavens who think they were the creator of the universe because they are the oldest living being among the others. But Buddha did not want to waste his live time explaining about the other living beings and only concentrated on the way to Nirvana, the eternal happiness.

So if anyone ask me whether I believe in God, I will deny and reply as Gods but not the creator Gods but the Gods from another plane of existence just like asking me whether I believe in insects. And if you ask me whether there is a God in my Mind, I will say NO.


Entry To Hell: The Uncertain Fate Of Physics And History

E = mc2
a concept formulated by the famous scientist Albert Einstein in 1905.

but did you know the truth of this famous equation
E = mc2
Energy= much (crap)2
Emotion= mass (speed of light)2

That is just a silly insertion of meaningless words into one of the most meaningful and well-known equations ever formed. But did you know other not so complicated equations can be changed too?

Take this as an example:

Concervation of Momentum
states that elastic collision is counted by using the formula
most useless + most useless = much vain + much vain

Archimedes Principle

states that the law of upthrust is calculated using the formula
F = Vpg
Fizik = Very painful game

Gravitational Potential Energy
states that the higher the object is from the gravitational centre, the higher is the potential energy using the formula
E = mgh = hmg
Einstein = He's my God
Energy = mass goes Hell

I'm starting to have some fun playing with these names. But Physics is a subject that I have been swearing unwanted vocabularies to and I can release stress in this subjects by using the principles and laws of Physics to make funny names to substitude into the equation. Just use your imagination and you will make things fun.

I have written many negative point poems about the various subjects that I am weak at and cursing the government and teachers for setting difficult questions for me to answer. For ones, look at the bright side. Science and History is fun, just remember those formulae, laws, principles, places and names of famous people by making fun of the names.

Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese revolutionary who fought for the independence of his country.

Did you know that if you pronouce his name in Cantonese, it will sound like 'look like noodle' (hou chi min)?
This way, it would be very fun and entertaining.

Another example maybe, Saya San, a monk who lead the Burmese Rebellion. His name may look normal but think again, 'Saya' in Malay means 'me' and 'San' in Japanese means 'Mister', so I can remember him by calling him 'Mr. Me' or in Cantonese 'Ngo Sin Sang'

Thats all I can say, but the Fate of Physics and History can never be certain with all the difficult interpretations. Good luck....


Entry To Hell: A New Law Unvealed

You may have heard about Soul Society,
but have you heard about the new law,
the law of existance, law of truth and justice,
the law of power and domination,

Named after the prime antagonist of BLEACH,

the AIZEN LAW has many unwholesome,
unrealistic and untruthful specifications.
Many people know the main meaning of
the Newton's Law of Gravitation.

Many may also remember
the three laws of Robotics,

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

AIZEN LAW states like a religion.
Like the Ten Comandments in Christianity

1. You shall have only one God and no other
2. Do not make any image or comparison of heaven
3. Do not swear falsely with the name of God
4. Remember Sabbath day as the holy day of the week
5. Honour your parents
6. Do not commit murder
7. Do not commit adultery
8. Do not steal
9. Do not bear false witness against your neighbor
10. Do not covet your neighbor's house

Like the Five Precepts in Buddhism

1. Refrain from killing
2. Refrain from stealing
3. Refrain from sexual misconduct
4. Refrain from false speech or lie
5. Refrain from taking intoxicants

The AIZEN LAW has only two statements that are important quoted from Bleach manga 178, page 15. These two statements are
1. no one stands at the top of the world, not even God
2. Only Aizen can be the one to stand at the top and end the unbearable vacancy on the world's throne

He has shown his confidents to Ukitake Jushiro that he is the only eligible one to fill the empty post in the top of the world, Heaven. He is sure that even God cannot take a seat in Heaven's chairs. He will be the only one who has the power to take the responsibilities.

The AIZEN LAW may not be applicable in our daily life, but only in the fictional world of BLEACH. I hope no one can be convinced to follow the teachings of AIZEN LAW because you must remember that Aizen Sousuke is the primary antagonist in BLEACH. He may be powerful, but sooner or later there will be someone that is capable of destroying him (the usual consequent for a villain) and return the peace to the world.


Entry To Hell: The Curse Of Biology

a constance in the world around us
an element of wisdom we should have
Yet some things can get bad

a phenomena that revolves in our life
a situation we face every second in life
Yet some things cannot be interpreted

a subject we students learn in school
a profession doctors portray every day
Yet no one is perfect in this

a condition of where we are now
a world of knowledge that is infinite
Yet studies does not get better

a study of life and death we face
an unstable asset we fail to maintain
Yet we have to live with it forever

a study of life for the living
a study of death for the dead
Yet we have to live with it,
The Curse of Biology


Entry To Hell: The Elements Of The World

The Earth,
A round, blue and green ball,
A place where we, Humans live,
Where everything in life takes place,
Where I start my meaningless life of misery.

The Sea,
A soft and comfortable stream of water,
A medium for travellers of the past to explore,
Where fishes, corals and sea mammals live,
Where life has no barriers, no meaning, nothing.

The Land,
A place ships come to dock,
A medium for plants to grow.
Where Humans build homes,
Where they destroy what they own.

The Sky,
A light blue plane we see from the Land,
A target where astronomers work for.
Where darkness comes at night,
Where stars shine the path to success.

The Sun,
A big, bright sphere shining its' light no us,
A big and bright inspiration for mankind,
Where light shines creeps out of the horizon,
Where light shines out darkness.

The World,
A large place where we belong,
An asset we should treasure with our hearts,
Where plants, animals and Humans live,
Where nature comes to existance

After the Diagnostic Test, I felt the importance of the environment around and felt that I should also play my part creating something I had always dreamed of doing.

written by

Entry To Hell: The Extracts

'Death comes close to me,
When I gasp the last bit of air,
I swear at thee, I wil fail....'
The Chronicles of the History Paper
by lalanandaFRY

'If Kindergarten is Heaven,
If Chinese is Earth,
Then History is Hell.....'
The Chronicles of the History Paper
by lalanandaFRY

'Don't be sad,
The World has not end,
But there is one thing,
I am The End,
It is The End,
Of me'
Book of History
not by Herodotus

but by lalanandaFRY

'If I passed,
Everybody will'
Book of History
by lalanandaFRY

It seemed amazing how I get to find so many poems and quotations about bad feelings about History. I did not do any research. I just did this by myself during the one hour time of my History paper 1 on the Diagnostic Test. I did without confidents, power or energy. Please forgive me if I passed, it was definitely unexpected. But I do not think it will be that good seeing my greiving and angry poems.


Entry To Hell: The Chronicles Of Life And Death

The World is a bad place,
Bad people roaming the street,
Smart people walk a slow pace,
Stupid people will just leap.

Old man swimming in the lake,
Big kings get power with their wits,
History tests, we have to take,
I am going to fail in bits.

Scientist say that the World is round,
I say it is like an ant,
Historians say the fossil is found,
I say it is the end.

People say:
KFC, it's finger lickin' good
I say:
History, I am finished for good.

Renji Abarai says:
You must remember that Renji Abarai is the one who killed you.
I say:
I will remember that I killed myself.

William Shakespeare  says:
To be, or not to be
I say:
To fail, or not to fail.

Terminator says:
Hasta la Vista, Baby
I say:
Hasta la Vista, myself

In Ludacris's  song, Runaway Love
he had a phrase
"hell is a place called home"
to me
"hell is a place I gonna live"

this day will be a day I shall remember for life, a day maybe I may not remember for long. But life is a long road to run, I am not sure this is a test or it is just a link to the next journey to the next chapter of life.


05 June, 2007

a LiFe Of A bOrInG pErSOn

Once upon a time, there live a teenager named lalanandaFRY. He is currently having a one week long holiday that seemed almost like eternity. Nothing makes life feel better in this boy's life. The television, the books, the newspaper and even food does not keep him busy. The only thing that he has is one of the greatest inventions in the world of entertainment, the COMPUTER. Unlike other school teenager, his computer does not have many games, but at least the computer has the marvel of the internet.

It is a contrast between two days. Monday was fun because Ren Yi had lots of activities in the city. Being in the enormous structure situated right at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Berjaya Time Square lit his little heart to joy. Having so many wholesome activities like bowling, watching the most boring movie I have ever watched BRIDGE OF TERABITHIA, eating a nice hot plate of noodles and spending lovely time with good friends, Tuesday has almost nothing except sitting in front of the computer.

The school mid-term examination has just ended and as a school student, Ren Yi should be spending his time enjoying the holiday with video games from PS2s, watching DVDs and listening to steaming hot new music from Channel [V] and MTV. Instead of all that, he is just sitting in front of his computer desk grumbling about life.

As a small figured, plump and lazy person, I have nothing to complain but just to make me taller, thinner and more intelligent in all aspects. Being all alone in the house makes me so restless and lifting a hand to reheat my lunch seemed like an easy petty task but it was like using all the energy I have to carry the plate from the refrigerator to the microwave oven.

Did you know who this useless piece of pie is this I am writing about?

You should have thought that that person I am refering to is ME.