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06 June, 2007

Entry To Hell: The Uncertain Fate Of Physics And History

E = mc2
a concept formulated by the famous scientist Albert Einstein in 1905.

but did you know the truth of this famous equation
E = mc2
Energy= much (crap)2
Emotion= mass (speed of light)2

That is just a silly insertion of meaningless words into one of the most meaningful and well-known equations ever formed. But did you know other not so complicated equations can be changed too?

Take this as an example:

Concervation of Momentum
states that elastic collision is counted by using the formula
most useless + most useless = much vain + much vain

Archimedes Principle

states that the law of upthrust is calculated using the formula
F = Vpg
Fizik = Very painful game

Gravitational Potential Energy
states that the higher the object is from the gravitational centre, the higher is the potential energy using the formula
E = mgh = hmg
Einstein = He's my God
Energy = mass goes Hell

I'm starting to have some fun playing with these names. But Physics is a subject that I have been swearing unwanted vocabularies to and I can release stress in this subjects by using the principles and laws of Physics to make funny names to substitude into the equation. Just use your imagination and you will make things fun.

I have written many negative point poems about the various subjects that I am weak at and cursing the government and teachers for setting difficult questions for me to answer. For ones, look at the bright side. Science and History is fun, just remember those formulae, laws, principles, places and names of famous people by making fun of the names.

Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese revolutionary who fought for the independence of his country.

Did you know that if you pronouce his name in Cantonese, it will sound like 'look like noodle' (hou chi min)?
This way, it would be very fun and entertaining.

Another example maybe, Saya San, a monk who lead the Burmese Rebellion. His name may look normal but think again, 'Saya' in Malay means 'me' and 'San' in Japanese means 'Mister', so I can remember him by calling him 'Mr. Me' or in Cantonese 'Ngo Sin Sang'

Thats all I can say, but the Fate of Physics and History can never be certain with all the difficult interpretations. Good luck....


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