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05 June, 2007

a LiFe Of A bOrInG pErSOn

Once upon a time, there live a teenager named lalanandaFRY. He is currently having a one week long holiday that seemed almost like eternity. Nothing makes life feel better in this boy's life. The television, the books, the newspaper and even food does not keep him busy. The only thing that he has is one of the greatest inventions in the world of entertainment, the COMPUTER. Unlike other school teenager, his computer does not have many games, but at least the computer has the marvel of the internet.

It is a contrast between two days. Monday was fun because Ren Yi had lots of activities in the city. Being in the enormous structure situated right at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Berjaya Time Square lit his little heart to joy. Having so many wholesome activities like bowling, watching the most boring movie I have ever watched BRIDGE OF TERABITHIA, eating a nice hot plate of noodles and spending lovely time with good friends, Tuesday has almost nothing except sitting in front of the computer.

The school mid-term examination has just ended and as a school student, Ren Yi should be spending his time enjoying the holiday with video games from PS2s, watching DVDs and listening to steaming hot new music from Channel [V] and MTV. Instead of all that, he is just sitting in front of his computer desk grumbling about life.

As a small figured, plump and lazy person, I have nothing to complain but just to make me taller, thinner and more intelligent in all aspects. Being all alone in the house makes me so restless and lifting a hand to reheat my lunch seemed like an easy petty task but it was like using all the energy I have to carry the plate from the refrigerator to the microwave oven.

Did you know who this useless piece of pie is this I am writing about?

You should have thought that that person I am refering to is ME.

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