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17 July, 2011

Uni-6-disaster week 4 & 5 report

Now is when the stressful time starts. After looking through my lecture and exam timetable, I realized 2 things:
  1. Unlike IMU, there is NO STUDY BREAK for semester 6 here.
  2. I'm in DEEP $H1+!
hardly any lectures left, only tests, tests, tests and exams!!!
So what I did was to open my books and study. That enthusiasm lasted only 5 minutes. FMT 1 and 2 are really boring. I tried studying everywhere, from my room to the living room, from the open garden to the laundry room *while waiting for my laundry*. I seriously need a system.

On a lighter note, my flatmates and I have been performing many experiments in the kitchen to cure the gastro-intestinal disease known as hunger... hahah! It was really fun preparing and cooking dishes here with friends. It is also nice that my housemates are really good cooks!!!
Meals from H4 kitchen
it is like having party everyday!
Recently I had FMT2 labs for sterile, tabletting and emulsions. Sterile lab is a whole new experience for me as I had to put on *space suits* when moving from different grades of clean environments.
I don't know these people, but I know how it feels to be in those suits
In tabletting labs, my partner and I made paracetamol tablets and tested them. Tests were interesting and some are actually "cute"!
this machine was used for disintegration testing
this machine was used for dissolution testing in gastric and intestinal fluids
There were two more machines to test friability and tablet hardness but I didn't take photos of that.
tablets by me and my partner
batchmates discussing the calculations
I guess that's all for the past two weeks. Now is time to get back to my books and notes.


05 July, 2011

Uni-6-disaster week 3 report

So far, Glasgow has been treating me quite well with comfortable weather and convenience of shopping. However university work is building up, class test is approaching and I'm still trying to manage everything well.
Master chef Gary cooking carbonara
The nice part of being here is that I get to cook and eat anything I want. Call me stingy or boring, I made a rule for myself that my lunch must not exceed £1. To achieve this, I improvise a little with the limited lunch time I have, which is one hour for preparation, cooking, eating and washing. Despite setting this rule, I still get to make simple yet delicious meals.
my Pork Spaghetti in special tomato mix costs only 50p
Glasgow is a beautiful city with wonders everywhere, especially those nearby as the university is situated within the city centre. I made a point to explore a wee part of the city when I'm free. So far I've made several solo 'adventures' with my P&S camera, this includes Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow Cathedral, George Square (evening walk), The Lighthouse and Glasgow Green (with a few friends).
Glasgow Necropolis
Glasgow Cathedral
George Square
The Lighthouse
Glasgow Green
After a month away from home, I'm in the midst of adjusting myself to the weather. With sunrise at 4.30am and sunset at 10pm, the average daily temperature is ~15°C now. Just last Sunday, I was actually drenched in my own sweat while walking along the street when the temperature at that time was 22°C!
this is the view of the sky from the room on Sunday 
Now is time to leap into the huge pile of overdue notes and try to understand those 3 tough subjects of Semester 6, probably the toughest semester of all.