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21 April, 2010

Holidays so far part 5

Number 6: Attachment

Since before the EoS, I've been applying for a pharmacy attachment in community pharmacies and hospitals but it was almost a total waste of time. I'd tried contacting Caring, Guardian, Watson, SJMC, Assunta, Sunway and Pantai, but none gave me anything positive. Just when I was giving up, I realized that there was a medical centre nearby my home and decided to give it a try.

Finally I've got myself a place to gain some experience in an actual pharmacy. The hospital is very small, thus the proportionality. Despite its size, it still has an intergrated computer system for prescription printing and stock keeping. There were also several other students from other institutions undergoing their attachments, whom I would learn from since they were there for a longer time.
The pharmacy was quite busy all day long since everyone had to deal with request of inpatient, outpatient and discharge all in one place *small hospital*. It was good to me since I got to learn an overall working of the pharmacy within the first few days which include stock checking, packing of medicine, keying in prescriptions into the computer and filing of documents.
A week went very quickly and it was a pleasure sacrificing a part of my holiday for a valuable experience.

Number 7: Date Night

Holiday style living continued for the last week of my break as I didn't have to resit for any of my papers. So I joined the same group of friends, with addition of sophia & ZF to Midvalley to celebrate ZF's delayed birthday. We weren't really sure what movie to watch at that time, then we glanced through all the posters on the walls and found the Date Night poster with Steve Carell and Tina Fey looking so good together.

The movie was hilarious if you enjoy some dirty jokes and unbelievably coincidental incidence coming together in one weird adventure.

After the movie, we went to TGIF for lunch and to give ZF a surprise.
Another group photo!

Number 8: PC unfair... not!

On the last weekend of the holiday, PIKOM was having a PC fair at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Although I wasn't planning to buy any gadgets, I wanted to go to see the prices and latest gadgets available. I was kinda lucky when taking the LRT as the train was there everytime I reached the platform. However it wasn't very good since I reached uber early and had to wait at Kenny Rogers for the rest of my friends to meet up while squeezing through all the staff and promoters at the entrance.

Although it wasn't the first time I'm visiting a PC fair, I had an impression that this had more daring girls than before *not that I'm complaining*. After exiting the convention centre, we walked to Pavillion to have lunch at The Loaf before taking a stroll at Low Yat Plaza.

How nice if I have loads of cash to spend on techno gadgets... *dreaming*


18 April, 2010

Holiday so far part 4

Number 5: Picnic

From a movie trip, to a yam cha session and the final plan was to go to Metropolitan Park, Kepong for a picnic. At around 3pm on a Saturday, I went to IMU to wait for MH and the rest in her car. We took around half an hour to reach the park using CV's GPS system.
MH parked her car at the second entrance of the park since we missed the first entrance. Then we started looking for a pondok to rest. The park was huge! There were many pondoks around the lake, but unfortunately they were all taken, some by other picnic-ers like us, others by dating couples. We walked, and walked, and walked half of the circumference of the lake and decided to settle down at a "jetty".
Our picnic was very complete with drinks, cakes, ice-cream, sausages, luncheon meat..... it was like a buffet at a windy lakeside shed.

15 April, 2010

Holiday so far part 3

Number 4: Ring Ring

When shooting of our music video started on Broga Hill, I didn't expect anyone to be continuing the rest of it until the start of semester 4. But CV and MH were very enthusiastic about it and travelled to IMU twice to finish it... *claps*. That was the most elaborate music video shooting I have done so far. This music video took us to Broga, IMU and also the pan mee shop.

This is the trailer for the music video.

Besides MHCV, a few of our batchmates and juniors were also involved in shooting. It was really fun! The story in the music video is the same as the original Lady Gaga version without many scenes because we had limited resources. Total cost of production zero! What do you expect from a free production?

and here comes The Making Of


05 April, 2010

Holiday so far part 2

Number 3: Broga De Gaga

When we had our lunch after the zoo trip at A&W, MH, CV, MJ, JL and I agreed with a plan to hike the well-known Broga hill on Friday morning. So the next day, I woke up at 4.30am, grab my stuff ready and traveled to IMU again to meet up with the rest. At around 5.15am, we left IMU in JL's Avanza to Broga with directions from CV's *annoying* GPS system. The roads were all dark and creepy, especially along the kampung roads leading to Kampung Broga because there were no street lamps and lots of animal/insect sounds.
the view of Semenyih from the first peak

At first we overshot the entrance to the hill as it was pitch black and we ended up in a small housing area. Suddenly we saw a human figure standing stationary in front of a house holding a dog. What kinda person would take a dog for a walk at 5.30am??? Then JL drove her car there to ask for directions which lead us to the foot of the hill. Signs at the car park was really misleading especially in total darkness. One sign points to the right, when we walked to the right, there was another sign pointing to the left... who made that thing? We took another path which eventually lead us to a sign saying "Welcome to the foot of Broga Hill". The hike took around 45 minutes to the first peak.

just a view of the other parts of the hill

group picture without Wee Kiat (behind camera)

Then we proceeded to the second peak. The second peak was very different from the first peak because there were wasps and bees everywhere. Somehow the "songs" of the bugs gave me an idea to make a music video using Broga as our special site. CV and MH suggested the song Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Using Wee Kiat's camera, we had our first non-IMU MHCV SS video shooting. Every move they made were impromptu, which makes it funnier despite the swarms of bugs around.
Stop Calling Stop Calling, I don't wanna think anymore...

After the short video shooting, we decided to return to the first peak and hike down the hill. But in midway, MJ met a friend who motivated us to finish all four peaks. So we went back to the second peak and we didn't stop much until the fourth peak.
very very emo pose with all the girls at second peak
another group photo at third peak with Wee Kiat

slightly obscene picture of some kids doing small business in public, wait! aren't some of them female?
big business also????
At around 8.30am, we reached the fourth and final peak of Broga Hill.
the sign board at the fourth peak
the scenery of all the other three peaks from the fourth peak
I even got to take some emo-ish pictures using those half dead trees
group photo at the fourth peak
realized the potential of this place to shoot emo pictures
I noticed a huge X sign and asked everyone to stand at the middle to "shoot" this photo target
this photo feels like a album cover, i just can't explain why

So we walked slowly down to the car while looking at all the silly mistakes we made in the dark on the way up. Then we went on to have Pan Mee for brunch at Madam Chiam's Curry Noodle Shop at Taman Connaught before dropping MH, CV, MY, MJ and I at IMU.

To Be Continued

04 April, 2010

Holiday so far part 1

so you thought this blog is DEAD?


I had this feeling that I needed to blog today. Before starting this post, I went to check the last post i did. Then I realized, it has been 38 post-less days.

So as the title says, I'm on Semester Break aka. Holiday. This semester break is exceptionally short with only four weeks, but I can say that it is the most eventful of all my breaks. I shall make this very short for the past two weeks of semester break.

Number 1: Badminton

Immediately after the EOS ended, we planned to shoot a batch video for the IMU Ball, but there were only a hand full of us there. So we decided not to shoot and have lunch at IOI Mall. As for the video, GC suggested editing our older video for the event. Then we had lunch at Sakae Sushi and almost... watched Alice in Wonderland at GSC. Unfortunately the timing wasn't good, so we ended up returning to IMU hoping to get a badminton court at either Vista B or C. Bad luck struck again!!!! So MH, CV, MJ and I went to Cheras to play badminton till around 5pm, then had a "root beer break" at A&W on our way back to IMU.

Number 2: Zoo

Since Monday, we were planning on some trip. But ideas were the same old movies, shopping and makan. Then GC suggested something new "Why don't you guys go to the Zoo?". That question which was originally a joke was exactly what we did on Thursday. Met CV, MH and later MJ and Amy at IMU at around 9.30am. Then we went for breakfast at a Dim Sum shop where the other customers were predominantly ah-pek and ah-ma! After breakfast, we went to Zoo Negara and met up with JL. The trip in the zoo was mostly fun because of the camera (used to capture humans more than animals).

MH comparing her muscle with those bulls?
what are you looking at? the bear or the people?
amy taking MH "swallowing the tabir"

many more pictures in Facebook but I'm very lazy to upload here.

To be continued in part 2