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23 January, 2009

Uni-disaster Week 3 Report

Everything was more or less settled after orientation as we usher in the academic side of this course. Lectures after lectures, days after days, we start to get juice pouring into our head, but mine had a very small opening. Foundation Chemistry is kinda boring as a whole. Some may disagree but the lecturer is seriously boring considering my interest in Chemistry. Despite her boring-ness, I managed to learn some new stuff, although not very sure whether it is the correct stuff.

Then there is the math class. The time table was true to its words, the Basic Mathematics was indeed 'Basic'. It was interestingly the most anaesthetic subject ever although I seem to have some aptitude for Mathematics. To be honest, the Basic-ness of this Mathematics is on par with Form 4 Mathematics (don't forget, I'm in Uni). The lecture was so boring that mhsiow got me to sit in front of the hall because she says that the lecture may seem more interesting when it is louder (proven wrong...). Anyway, I found out a perculiar fact about his lectures, he tend to go out of tune (走音) when he speaks. Although it may sound irritating, it just happens to be one of the only thing keeping my eyes open (the other is MENTOS).

Surprisingly, the subject which bored me to death during my secondary life seemed to be one of the more interesting part of IMU. Some call it human anatomy, but it is called Physiology here. Our lecturer is very charismatic and managed to pour more juice compared to the above 2. We started with basic cells, then organelles, nerve cells and today we had muscle cells. But since I was never a Bio-Lover, there were many terms that were Greek to me. I gotta learn words like Cessation, Sarcomere, Exocytosis, Myosin, Actin and lots more, all are kinda specialized.

Oh I almost forget our weird lecturer for Bioscience. From her looks, I got an impression that she is kinda new and through her speech, I can know that she still relies on her Sains (malay science) terms to explain to us. On Monday's lecture, she gave a summary of the 20+ pages from chapter 2 and threatened us to study with a quiz on Wednesday. True enough, many didn't study at all while I, the 平时不烧香临时抱佛脚-type, studied almost all on Tuesday night. During Wednesday's quiz, I happened to kena, shall I say 'Twice'. The first was bad, I couldn't recall the three categories of carbon molecules but the second was not supposed to be my question. She was asking another person when I mumbled the so-called answer very softly. Unfortunately her almighty ears heared and resulted in me craping out the answer. Throughout the lecture, most of us noticed something very weird, she has an acute mood-swing problem. She tends to change her expression very fast (fierce look to smile in less than 2 seconds), scaryyy... But she proved herself to us that she knows her stuff very well indeed.

Thats about all of this week. Once again, I got to know more people, Amirah, Azleen, Sophia, Mar Jie, Farah, Chandni, Chern Fei... and more to come.

Lastly, I would like to wish all Chinese in the world

新年快乐Happy Chinese New Year

恭喜发财Gong Xi Fa Cai

岁岁平安Peaceful Always

年年有馀Remainder Every Year

牛年行大运Good Luck In The Year Of Ox

牛转乾坤,志在必得!!!Change Everything For The Better, Get Whatcha Want!!!

17 January, 2009

Uni-disaster week 2 report

Walao weh...!!! Hardly can rest the whole week. For now, my palm has 2 puncture wounds, both knee-caps filled with scratches, elbow slightly scratched, whole body muscle aching, semi-controllable voice and most of all, the developed a phobia to garlic in liquids. If you noticed in the first Uni-disaster post, I was attending the orientation only, but due to furious, maybe a little careless actions, somehow it doesn't seemed as fun as it originally was.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the orientation organizers for making a terrific video. I know how hard it was to make it since I've made a few before. Whelan was right, they deserve an IMU Oscar for that. The great thing about the video is that the makers know how to manipulate our thoughts, I guess that is what most good film makers do. 'Is it too late?' is quite a great idea after fixing the jigsaw puzzles. Congrats again...

But of course, the only thing bad is the hassle of cleaning all the attires used during various events, namely Treasure Hunt and Detective Game, which has leaves behind crappy foul stench lying all over my hair, my dad's car and most of all, my clothes... Is it really necessary to use garlic water, water colour and caligraphy ink to express grafitti on your poor juniors? Please note that although my skin is not sensitive to these liquids, the stench is really unbearable. The addition of wheat flour to this mixture makes my healthy scalp grow the terror I've been fighting for years, dandruff. For the first time, Clear anti-dandruff shampoo lost the fight to a new shampoo brand called Pinky-Blacky-Garlic-Flour Dandruff growing shampoo.

Anyway, Pee-A-Poop didn't win any prizes, didn't lose any either. Just vaguely screaming 'Pee-A-Poop' isn't a replacement for cooperation and organization. So what if there were no orientation, there will be no Pee-A-Poop, no Zi Yi, no Wai Ling, no Hong, no Lisa, no Cindy, no Jie Yun, no Ee Ching, no Safwan, no Nabilah, no Zi Fen, no Ee Lin, no Poh Ping, no Pei Jia, no Yvonne, nobody to know at all. Orientation was not meant to be a game, not a V.S. scenario, just a tight rope which surrounds a group of strangers, pull them together and unite them as one stronger unit. Bravo Orientation Committees, you have achieved that...

For one last time, as a part of group 4, Pee-A-Poop, I would like to restate the cheer loudly and proudly.
Pee Pee Shhh Shhh
Pee Pee Shhh Shhh
Ooops... Out a Poop
Who's the Poop
You're the Poop
Loser Loser
Neh neh neh Poo Poo...

11 January, 2009

Uni-disaster in the process

Just as the years starts, the world starts coming down on me as I crawl into the International Medical University (IMU). Things were very ritualistic at first with a white coat ceremony and briefings as usual like most educational institution. But just as I was feeling a like a little adult, I was thrusted back into a body of a kid, actually more like a hyperactive kid as I look at the seniors standing tall around my minute body (damn I'm short!!!).

As the situation was obviously bad enough, we were given something the seniors claim we would 'remember for life', this scenario is called "ORIENTATION". This simple word hardly describes the difficulties involved. We juniors were actually divided into groups of 11 and were obligated to participate in the so-called 'games'. We had hardly anytime to prepare ourselves for many of the games which required tedious organization and guidance.

We had to make a banner, a mascot, do tasks for seniors and also make costumes for a dress-up game before the event, that is like 5 days for everything.picture at the bottom are my group members, Ling, Zi Fen, Cindy, Zi Yi, Lisa, (crap! what's her name), (Hong and Jie Yun not in pic) working hard to get a banner upyou see all of them so busy while I was standing around doing nothing (feeling so irresponsible)More pictures will be coming soon, good luck PEE-A-POOP

Please forgive me for taking your photo without your permission and if I spelled your names wrongly!!!

On Friday, we started orientation with a Treasure Hunt thingy... Yup, the video made by the seniors were quite good considering they were not from LimKokWing, but the story was kinda... whatever. There were many stations with interesting games. As anticipated, we were also showered in garlic water, caligraphy ink and lots of flour, much like the ones from other camps. I was also given the 'privilege' to pole dance in a park and scream till my voice also a bit 沙哑.

For now, I still need to prepare for the monday's dressing game, for me, it is cross-dressing day because have to dress up like Usagi Tsukino, commonly known as Sailormoon.

My rough drawing of my 'cosplay' character with all the props used