GLOCCOVNAA is an abbreviation for 'Great Life of Conflict, Climax or Virtually Nothing At All'. That was the long and ridiculous name I came out for my blog when I was 18 years old. Do click on the colourful icons on the right to check out different types of posts in this blog.

28 November, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 4 report

Have you ever wondered why people shake hands when seeing each other?

HAND is the abbreviation of Have A Nice Day.

Have you every wondered why people type "LOL" so often?
abbreviation for "Laughing Out Loud"?

Could it be that their making this reaction? 囧
I didn't expect study work to pile up so quickly with so few lectures. The term "PS" appeared to cover >50% of all my timetable columns. However, this is about to end very very soon. Biopharm4 is back and it will be filling up those PSs, so I guess the only alternative to stay awake in lectures will be
the not-so-effective Anti-Hypnotic Candy
The last few days has been all about SPPRE Rx and
MEP aka Most "Enticing" Publication... LOL

23 November, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 3 report

Week WHAT?
So fast?
Sure or not?
But I feel so lazy to study woh! :o

Sem5 has 4 !@#$ subjects:
DD2 = semua pasal otak dan hormon
DD3 = kulit, protozoa, kanser..... dan lain-lain
PP2 = undang-undang asing yang rumit
BP4 = entah lah! asal banyak nombor dan unit

that's exactly how I feel right now...
Despite lagging in my studies, I still took a long time-out at MV to watch a free movie with Ivan and Riz.
At first we planned to watch RED, but somehow we changed plan and it was a blessing in disguise. It was

 Now it is time to read notes for SPPRE Rx, but what's coming out?


14 November, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 2 report

Finally got my module guides, MEP and arranged all those notes for my mentee.

Lectures this week was quite interesting (most of them). Some agitated me to read up more, some topics were stimulating, while some just lit up my day. Of course not all of them were interesting *you know who I'm talking about, no hints*.

I didn't have pictures of Prof. Yeoh :(
I celebrated my birthday last Friday with some muscle aches and most of all, a great dinner with my family.
Despite the distance away from home, we traveled all the to Nilai to indulge our dinner in this restaurant famous for one dish stated in their name.
So now my body is still in the process of
Booting up
Hopefully I'll be ready for the stress up ahead!


09 November, 2010

Uni-5-disaster Week 1 report

This blog has been abandoned for a total of 2 months!!!!

It has nothing to do with my dull and unproductive life, I just wasn't in the mood to blog until now. Many unhappy moments went past that I won't want to mention here. I also had another pharmacy attachment in TDMC for 2 weeks. This time I got to do more as I was familiar with their systems and drugs. It was more interesting than the previous attachment as I got to witness many, as the staff there would say, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This includes seeing newborn (hours-old) babies when delivering their HepB and BCG, disposing expired medicine and using sign language to describe medication to a old Japanese gentleman.

It is now the beginning of my 3rd year, things are getting really tough. It is as though we are becoming pharmaceutical lawyers without the LL.B cert. So I shall be expecting more library hours and less Facebook (though it would be difficult :P).