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28 November, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 4 report

Have you ever wondered why people shake hands when seeing each other?

HAND is the abbreviation of Have A Nice Day.

Have you every wondered why people type "LOL" so often?
abbreviation for "Laughing Out Loud"?

Could it be that their making this reaction? 囧
I didn't expect study work to pile up so quickly with so few lectures. The term "PS" appeared to cover >50% of all my timetable columns. However, this is about to end very very soon. Biopharm4 is back and it will be filling up those PSs, so I guess the only alternative to stay awake in lectures will be
the not-so-effective Anti-Hypnotic Candy
The last few days has been all about SPPRE Rx and
MEP aka Most "Enticing" Publication... LOL

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