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27 January, 2013

Embracing Beaches in Kuantan

Every time I visit a new place, I always have an urge to roam around, just explore the place no matter how uninteresting a place can be *ehem... Dumbarton.. Ehem...* It has been 3 weeks since I arrived in Kuantan and I have to say this

Kuantan is more awesome than it seems!!! - quote lalanandaFRY

Before coming to Kuantan, I read many online articles and blogs about stuff to do here. I am quite a boring person usually but when I am living alone in this foreign place, I tend to have the motivation to explore it, or at least get a feel of the place. I was chatting with one student doing attachment at the hospital and I found that she wasn't local either. However she has been here for many months now and she introduced several places to visit around.
She mentioned that Kuantan is a coastal town and that everyone visiting should at least reserve time for the many beautiful beaches. At that time, the only famous beach that came to mind from nearby was Cherating because of all the publicity for being the first Club Med in Asia. Little did I know that there were at least 4-5 locations within 10-20 minutes drive away from me. So yesterday I had a spontaneous urge to visit some of those.
This is main road leading to the beach
So my first stop was one of the most popular beaches here, Teluk Cempedak. I assume it is the most well known one because at least I have heard of it *I know I don't know much*. It is actually the most commercialized beach I have seen in Malaysia. Where else do you get McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Chatime and Tutti Frutti all within walking distance to the beach?
For the hell of it, I had Prosperity Burger at the beach!
Nothing much to say, just a beautiful beach and lots of monkeys!!!
My next stop was Pantai Batu Hitam. I have not heard about this beach before coming to Kuantan but I read about it recently and got me interested. If you know Malay language, you should already know that this is a beach with black rocks, similar to the Black Sand Beach in Langkawi but better. This beach is around 15 minutes drive away from Teluk Cempedak and is the total opposite in terms of commercialization. There were only 2 little traditional Malay restaurants there serving coconut water and simple food. But the interesting part is that I enjoyed it more than Teluk Cempedak, I have no idea why!
The atmosphere was calm and pleasant
There were some people fishing while standing on larger black rocks
With black rocks came black sand, and the sand was very fine and felt very comfortable slipping between my toes. Another thing I enjoyed about this beach was that there were a few Malay families with their children playing with water, flying kites and collecting shells, scenes that I like to capture with my camera.
After spending more than 30 minutes enjoying the breeze and taking photos, I decided to return home, stopping at the Jeti for a short stop for some photos. I was lucky the sky was clear and sunny the whole day although it was cloudy in the morning. Maybe I will visit some other places in Kuantan later... I have lots of opportunities later on!
View from Jeti Shahbandar along Sungai Kuantan

16 January, 2013

H&N New Life #2

I was so excited about my new life I went for it with my dad on the next working day. Initially I didn't like the idea of having my dad following me since I thought I should be mature enough to be independent and responsible for my working life. However he helped me so much I don't think I could have settled with a place to stay and have all my basic needs satisfied without him.

So after reporting for duty at the hospital, filling tonnes of forms till my hands were shaking, I finally got to start my first station in the hospital's many pharmacies. At first when I entered the department, I knew nothing, just blindly following and listening to orders from a senior who was there shortly before. She was really helpful and patient in explaining the basics about us provisional pharmacists. Definitely wouldn't understand anything without her "translation".
According to my other peers, I have been working in what they may argue as the easiest and most boring station of all *that’s what I have heard*. Despite that I am still experiencing a lot of firsts. First time using my punch card, first time processing procedural forms, first time applying for leave, first time getting called doctor despite not being one and first time getting scolded by my boss, some can be exciting while others can be traumatising. I am still learning to cope with all these new input for now, hopefully I get familiar with my colleagues and work place, take everything positively one step at a time.


11 January, 2013

H&N New Life #1

It is times like this when I think to myself, am I ready?

I am sitting in a vast empty room reminiscing the changes around me as I type this post. For the past few weeks, so many things are going on at the same time I actually have no idea where to start. The title actually sums it up quite well, I am starting a new life. After close to 17 years of formal education, it is finally time to enter a new phase of life, the working life. To those already working, this may not seem like an issue worth talking about, but it is to me at this moment.

Almost a month ago, I was jobless, aimless and uncertain about the prospect of earning my first paycheck. After applying to be a PRP at the Ministry of Health in October, I have heard of rumours spreading around that the government postings were distributed in batches. Some say there were only two batches per year and that if we miss any batch, we would have to wait another 6 months for the next batch. So since the previous batch I knew was in late August, I didn't expect to be posted until after Chinese New Year.
Then came a Facebook message from a friend who applied with me nudging me to check with the Ministry for my posting details. I was puzzled when I saw that message. I pondered silently for a while in front of my computer, contemplating about the possibility that I would be working very soon, ending my boring daily life then. Surprisingly I actually enjoyed those aimless days, waking up for lunch, surfing the internet randomly, checking Facebook status every 5 minutes and spending a lot of precious time with my parents. *sob sob*

Skipping to two weeks ago, I was certain I got posted to Pahang and it was down to two possible hospitals, which the state health department took forever to decide which to give. *possibly due to the flooding at Kuantan and that they were moving to a new office* My parents and I chose to visit my grandma and aunts in Penang before I start work. Somehow everyone there were hyped as well, making me check my posting status like a pest everyday. As soon as I returned from Penang, I received a call to inform me that I got posted to HTAA, Kuantan.
While packing my luggage in my room, I had mixed feelings about getting into a new phase in life. On one hand I was very excited to know that my life had a purpose and I am not wasting precious time idling at home anymore. But on the other hand, I was terrified and a bit sad. I felt scared because I had no idea what to expect going alone to a foreign place to work, not knowing what I would be doing in my job, who I would be working for and where I would be staying. For the second time of my life, I was leaving home for a long time, this time not in the company of my batchmates but just me alone. Like the first time, it was sad to be away from my parents again. I think it is these times when I feel their love for me the most and realised how much I love to be loved.

New life begins in the next post...

p.s.: I didn't know how to add many pictures to fit the mood I was in, it was all about my feeling.