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16 January, 2013

H&N New Life #2

I was so excited about my new life I went for it with my dad on the next working day. Initially I didn't like the idea of having my dad following me since I thought I should be mature enough to be independent and responsible for my working life. However he helped me so much I don't think I could have settled with a place to stay and have all my basic needs satisfied without him.

So after reporting for duty at the hospital, filling tonnes of forms till my hands were shaking, I finally got to start my first station in the hospital's many pharmacies. At first when I entered the department, I knew nothing, just blindly following and listening to orders from a senior who was there shortly before. She was really helpful and patient in explaining the basics about us provisional pharmacists. Definitely wouldn't understand anything without her "translation".
According to my other peers, I have been working in what they may argue as the easiest and most boring station of all *that’s what I have heard*. Despite that I am still experiencing a lot of firsts. First time using my punch card, first time processing procedural forms, first time applying for leave, first time getting called doctor despite not being one and first time getting scolded by my boss, some can be exciting while others can be traumatising. I am still learning to cope with all these new input for now, hopefully I get familiar with my colleagues and work place, take everything positively one step at a time.


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