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24 December, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 8 report

It's the second last week of the year. I know I've been saying all those bad things about Christmas in this blog, even if Santa Claus is real, he wouldn't fulfill my wishes.

Sometimes it is weird that lectures are so sedative that I lose my control over my consciousness so easily. In fact studying about sleeping is not as boring as studying about metabolism.

I don't think I'll blogging next week since there is no UNI-disaster during this Christmas holiday, I'd like to wish everyone

I have only THREE new year aspiration, which is to score well in my Sem5 assessments, fly safely to Glasgow and enjoy my time there.

KPOP craze hitting me!

24/12/10 aka Christmas Eve

19 December, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 6 & 7 report

By any reckoning, something not-so-good may be happening in the coming festivities.
Christmas- 3 class tests coming after that
CNY- EOS comes after that
Thus, Holidays = Study Break =...

"like having a new neighbor upstairs"
So this is probably the first "fortnight post" for this semester, which means that either
  1. The course is getting tougher.
  2. I'm getting lazier.
  3. I was computer-less.
  4. I was busy doing some other more important things.
So this is a summary of the past two weeks:
Lectures as usual (ZZZzzzz...)
Bought new PC
and new camera
Won 2 Jam Hsiao Mr Rock Live in Malaysia concert tickets
concert souvenir
That's all for this post, I'm just too LAZY to continue :P


05 December, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 5 report

The moral of the SPPRE Rx story is...

 Whenever you see a prescription written by a doctor named J. Smith, think about a long line of reprimands, fines, forced unicommunity service and if you are really unlucky, losing the license to dispense.
In other words, Pharmacy is a Dangerous Profession!

Alright! I'll be serious now. the test was quite fun. Concentration and mindfulness was the key besides knowing all those !@#$% legal requirements. If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you will see that application is as important as the theory behind it.
I think you get my point :P
So as expected Biopharm4 was a number-ful subject. To be honest, the last time I saw so many formulae and equations was when I sat for my Spec Maths finals in SAM.
Yup! I had 4 pages of these for SpecMaths during SAM
Did someone tell me that MPharm was a Chemistry subject when I applied?
Did someone tell me that all they needed was a Biology in SPM?
Did someone tell me that Physical Pharmacy was literally Physics with a different name?
Did someone tell me that I have to be GOOD at all sciences, when I'm obviously not?

Now I'm wondering whether anyone is working on their AG1478 report?
If yes... WoW!!!


28 November, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 4 report

Have you ever wondered why people shake hands when seeing each other?

HAND is the abbreviation of Have A Nice Day.

Have you every wondered why people type "LOL" so often?
abbreviation for "Laughing Out Loud"?

Could it be that their making this reaction? 囧
I didn't expect study work to pile up so quickly with so few lectures. The term "PS" appeared to cover >50% of all my timetable columns. However, this is about to end very very soon. Biopharm4 is back and it will be filling up those PSs, so I guess the only alternative to stay awake in lectures will be
the not-so-effective Anti-Hypnotic Candy
The last few days has been all about SPPRE Rx and
MEP aka Most "Enticing" Publication... LOL

23 November, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 3 report

Week WHAT?
So fast?
Sure or not?
But I feel so lazy to study woh! :o

Sem5 has 4 !@#$ subjects:
DD2 = semua pasal otak dan hormon
DD3 = kulit, protozoa, kanser..... dan lain-lain
PP2 = undang-undang asing yang rumit
BP4 = entah lah! asal banyak nombor dan unit

that's exactly how I feel right now...
Despite lagging in my studies, I still took a long time-out at MV to watch a free movie with Ivan and Riz.
At first we planned to watch RED, but somehow we changed plan and it was a blessing in disguise. It was

 Now it is time to read notes for SPPRE Rx, but what's coming out?


14 November, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 2 report

Finally got my module guides, MEP and arranged all those notes for my mentee.

Lectures this week was quite interesting (most of them). Some agitated me to read up more, some topics were stimulating, while some just lit up my day. Of course not all of them were interesting *you know who I'm talking about, no hints*.

I didn't have pictures of Prof. Yeoh :(
I celebrated my birthday last Friday with some muscle aches and most of all, a great dinner with my family.
Despite the distance away from home, we traveled all the to Nilai to indulge our dinner in this restaurant famous for one dish stated in their name.
So now my body is still in the process of
Booting up
Hopefully I'll be ready for the stress up ahead!


09 November, 2010

Uni-5-disaster Week 1 report

This blog has been abandoned for a total of 2 months!!!!

It has nothing to do with my dull and unproductive life, I just wasn't in the mood to blog until now. Many unhappy moments went past that I won't want to mention here. I also had another pharmacy attachment in TDMC for 2 weeks. This time I got to do more as I was familiar with their systems and drugs. It was more interesting than the previous attachment as I got to witness many, as the staff there would say, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This includes seeing newborn (hours-old) babies when delivering their HepB and BCG, disposing expired medicine and using sign language to describe medication to a old Japanese gentleman.

It is now the beginning of my 3rd year, things are getting really tough. It is as though we are becoming pharmaceutical lawyers without the LL.B cert. So I shall be expecting more library hours and less Facebook (though it would be difficult :P).


06 September, 2010

Get Your Facts Right Please!

There is a Simpulan Bahasa I learnt in my primary school days known as Tin Kosong. To those who are not familiar with this saying, it means a person who talks a lot but is not knowledgeable (Orang yang banyak cakap tetapi tidak berilmu). There is also a common saying in Cantonese, 识少少扮代表, which means the same thing.

There are actually four grades to classify an individual's understanding of his/her own knowledge:

  1. Knowing what he/she knows
  2. Knowing what he/she does not know
  3. Not knowing what he/she knows
  4. Not knowing what he/she does not know
 Grade 3 and 4 literally demonstrates the understanding of a person described as Tin Kosong or 识少少扮代表. As humans, it is normal to experience all grades depending on aptitude to various fields but it is definitely unnecessary to "publicize" them.

Many people tend to maintain a low profile when they are not confident in their understanding. However overconfidence in one's misunderstanding could also lead to elaborated expression of Tin Kosong-ness, which has the aim of influencing others. A very common expression of Tin Kosong-ness is by inserting bits and pieces of uncategorized information into a simple analysis to arrive at a wrong conclusion.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving"
Dale Carnegie (1888-1955)
American Writer and Lecturer


02 September, 2010

Second Childhood Moment

I have been quite restless these days. I spend most of my time with the computer watching videos on Youtube with my slow Internet. K-Pop icons like Super Junior and Girls Generation used to be my favourite Youtube searches, but recently my boredom brought me back to my childhood favourite TV show, Power Rangers and their original Japanese Super Sentai Series. It was delightful to listen to those catchy theme songs and grown men and women wearing coloured costumes fighting villains who plan to destroy the Earth all over again.

Little did I know about the history of the Super Sentai series until recently when I started tracing older sentai to the original 1975 Himitsu Sentai Goranger 秘密戦隊ゴレンジャ.

 The "Super" in Super Sentai actually refers to the big robots used by the Sentai which started only from the third in the series, Battle Fever J バトルフィーバーJ.

At that time, robots did not transform, nor were they made of several components. It was just one huge humanoid fighting machine. But later Super Sentai feature transforming robots which started from Denshi Sentai Denziman 電子戦隊デンジマン, and combining robots or Gattai 合体 which started from Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan 太陽戦隊サンバルカン.

Theme songs, costumes, vehicles, weapons and enemies for each Super Sentai reflect the filming technology and trend evolution. The storyline and sequences did not change much over the 35 years and 34 generations, thus proving that the basic good versus evil scenario appeals to children of all generations. It is even more appealing to see that each season introduces different fields such as martial arts, occupations, vehicles, animals, countries and also certain aspects of technology.


27 August, 2010

Uni-4-disaster SUM-up

This is my
100th Post

Study break and EOS took away 3 weeks of blogging time, but
What about those 2 extra bloggable weeks?
This shall be a very short overture of the past 5 weeks.

Study Break (2 weeks)
Woke up at noon almost everyday, eat meal (breakfast/lunch/whateveryoucallit), study in library with buddies, return home, eat dinner, "study" at computer, snooze.

EOS (4 days)
Eat breakfast (spent 45min eating 2 slices of bread), sit for exam, eat lunch, study in library, return home, force myself to sleep for 1 hour, eat dinner (though no appetite), last minute study, snooze.

Immediate Post-EOS (half-a-day)
Went for a talk by alumni and traveled to ZF's house for BBQ! It was a very wonderful evening we had together...

Pesta Nalanda (1 day)
Volunteered as registration officer, art salesman and other miscellaneous jobs to help collect funds which will be used for Buddhist education... it was quite tiring (woke up before 6am on a Sunday!) but very rewarding!

Video-guy again (1 week)
I was tasked to make at least 2 videos for the Chinese Cultural Society, one for the Lantern Making Competition and another for the Mooncake Festival Celebration. Unfortunately I was only given minimal time for the first video and was forced to use simple video footage. For the latter, I've invited 2 actors and borrowed a video camera for the filming and wrote a simple story with the "boss".

EOS Results!!!
AAD screwed-up once again and forced us to wait 2.5 hours for our results...

That's all! There are actually many more, these are the highlights...


28 July, 2010

Somebody tagged me...

I was taking a short break from my intensive studying this afternoon for my weekly blog hopping and saw that CheungHoe tagged me, so since I'm taking another long break, why not have some fun here?

Seven (7) Random Facts About Me!!!!!

1. I enjoy making videos with a *cheap* movie making software.
Windows Movie Maker 2.1

So far all videos I've made are products of WMM2.1, not because I don't have other more powerful professional-level softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro, but because I find that most functions in the user friendly WMM2.1 are more than sufficient for my usage. So for those who have been asking me what software I used for the Charity Visit video, all P110 Orientation videos and MHCV music videos, here is your answer.

2. I have Deuteranopia (green-red colour-blindness)
Have you ever been humiliated in art lessons when you were a child? There was one day when I was in standard 2, my art teacher asked every student to draw fruit trees with colour pencils on an art paper. After tracing the outlines of a mango tree, I took out my colour pencil case and started colouring my mango tree. But when the teacher was walking pass my seat, she asked me why my tree had dried brown leaves. My classmates all came to take a look at my dead mango tree drawing and laughed at me : ( But being colourblind didn't hurt very much except during pH testing and driving test.

3. I have Alliumphobia
Onion is one of the yuckiest thing on this planet. The weird part of me is that I enjoy dishes cooked with onion but I just don't eat onions *unless it was accidental or I was forced to*. The worst onion related problem I've faced in my life was when my mom cooked ONION SOUP for dinner as the only dish!!!

4. I have craze for 3 movie franchises, Star Trek, Star Wars and James Bond.
Star Trek was introduced by my father since I was a child when we watch ST:TNG, ST:DS9 and ST:Enterprise weekly and incorporated elements of the show in our daily conversation. I'm not like those fanatics who learn Klingon, but I know a decent amount to be part of The Big Bang Theory... lol
Was a Star Wars geek since I was form 3, just months before Revenge of the Sith was released. As a proof of my craze, I can say that I've watched episodes 1-6 over 10 times each! The weird part is that normal Star Trek and Star Wars fans don't like each other while I like both...
Had this craze since the start of form 4 before Casino Royale was released. The interesting part of this craze is that it was the reason I started making videos *my first youtube video is a tribute to 007*. I know enough to name every movie title and names of villains in every movie. Did you know the first on-screen James Bond was an American in 1954?

I'm a Buddhist
It is my birth religion and will remain the same till the day I die. I'm not currently active as an exco of IMU BS anymore, but I shall try my best to participate in their activities and propagation work.

6. My best non-human friend is 周公!

I can sleep all the time and almost everywhere you can think of. The only condition where I won't sleep comfortably is when I'm in a new place. But whenever I've got used to the place, I will not wake up....zzz

7. I have a short attention span
Picture speaks a thousand
So, I hope this allows you to delve into my somewhat messed by psyche a little further and I hope to be hearing from these people:

May Hwa, Amylene Yap, Shaun Chia, Jo Lene, Mun Yee, .

You've been officially TAGGED!

15 July, 2010

Uni-4-disaster week 11, 12 & 13 report

Oh crap! I delayed my blog posting!!! Oooooppppsss!!!

Lectures of week 11 and 12 are special because they totally fit the description of BPharm students who have been dreaming of time tables having big boxes with the term "PS" for private study. Week 11 has 3 days of lecture while week 12 has ONLY 2 DAYS OF LECTURE!!! There can only be two *silly* reasons for this:

  1. IMU has confidence that we are smart enough to study all those !@#$ing hard subjects on our own.
  2. IMU took our money and gave us this bull$h1+...
I'd rather stick with reason 1. lol

When I was in the Ehipassiko Camp, my mom SMS-ed me that she bought new watch to replace my previous cacat-ed watch. *I have only one BM word to say, Terharu* Then when I came home from the camp, my mom showed it to me and the first thing I said was "that looks really like the one my father has". My mom didn't take it the nice way until I continued to say "the one that I've always admired...". After that, continued having our dinner as usual.

The rest of week 11 and 12 are purely devoted to HP essay, with slight deviation to non-educational related activities (which will not be mentioned here). However week 13 has a new addition of lectures by a very nice and interesting lecturer Prof. Furman. To my surprise, his lectures are not lullaby-ish like other lecturers, with only very few exceptions. His lectures actually made my perception of Drugs & Disease DD change from Demoralising Details to Delicious Delicacies, but only during his lectures. Unfortunately we cannot escape the fact that DD is a difficult subject.

Current Status: Waiting for DD class test to meet me next Tuesday. Eye of the Tiger needed badly for this fight...

To Be Continued... duh!


29 June, 2010

Uni-4-disaster week 9-10 report

Woolala! Biopharmacy 3 class test was a total
screw-up! I make it sound happy but it is totally not...
But despite a slight down in my mood, planning for the 5th Ehipassiko Camp was the key to all those lecture-less days ahead. Eventhough many of us did last minute jobs which may or may not be completely perfects, it was the imperfection which made us human! I had several tasks given at a last minute and I sort of made it in a last-minute fashion as well.
I was given the opportunity to organize almost all the Dhamma talks and workshops given by outside speakers during the camp. Then I was given some side responsibilities like helping JaaMing to beautify his slideshow, giving a short talk and also help out as facilitators in games. I am truly grateful for the chance to share the little bit of Dhamma I know with everyone.
I'm sorry if I've done anything wrong or made anyone unhappy throughout the camp!