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19 December, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 6 & 7 report

By any reckoning, something not-so-good may be happening in the coming festivities.
Christmas- 3 class tests coming after that
CNY- EOS comes after that
Thus, Holidays = Study Break =...

"like having a new neighbor upstairs"
So this is probably the first "fortnight post" for this semester, which means that either
  1. The course is getting tougher.
  2. I'm getting lazier.
  3. I was computer-less.
  4. I was busy doing some other more important things.
So this is a summary of the past two weeks:
Lectures as usual (ZZZzzzz...)
Bought new PC
and new camera
Won 2 Jam Hsiao Mr Rock Live in Malaysia concert tickets
concert souvenir
That's all for this post, I'm just too LAZY to continue :P


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