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27 July, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: la transformation dans l'université

Recently, I felt myself transforming in college tremendously in terms of emotion, maturity and behaviour. I'm not implying that it is a good transformation, in fact it is the exact opposite.

This morning, I read a 'joke' on the newspaper that made me think about my change in college. Let me translate it for you.

Student 1: New guy
Student 2: In college for 3 months
Student 3: In college for 6 months
Student 4: Last month in college

1. Canteen test: fly is placed into bowls of noodles and is given to these 4 students
student 1: OMG!!! there is a fly in my food, I better not complain or they will think I'm fussy
student 2: I can't take it, I must complain this time...
student 3: (take fly out and continue eating)
student 4: (eat noodle and fly together)

2. Examination notice test: announcement is made to tell these 4 students about a coming exam
student 1: [2 weeks before exam] I should start studying for this exam
student 2: [1 week before exam] So fast another exam, gotta get better results than the last one
student 3: [night before exam] Nevermine, I still can burn midnight oil for tomorrow's exam
student 4: [1 day after exam] What??? I missed the exam?

3. Sunday night test: ask these 4 students about their feelings
student 1: Gotta sleep early, don't bug me anymore...zzz
student 2: Is this a survey? nice! I can't wait to meet my classmates tomorrow...zzz
student 3: Very simple one word answer, boring...zzz
student 4: Huhhh...zzz

4. Attire test: ask these 4 students to make a style analysis
student 1: No more uniform...yay!!!
student 2: College is like a runway, students are like models cum designers
student 3: Didn't really observe, all the same boring stuff nowadays
student 4: Girls wear less and less cloth, guys wear pants that either get longer or shorter

25 July, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: Over My Head

Life is not as it was when I left it
Every second in my life not lit
Where none of my expectations meet
Over my head, I'm off my beat

Life has lost it's essence in me
Like a puff dripping off it's zest
Like a guitar losing it's strings
Over my head, I'm off my feet

I'm swimming in my own tears of remorse
Weeping my eyes out of my grieving face
Losing my breath in a world I once know
Over my head, I'm off my seat

Char black hair on my head turn white
Dark red blood gushing out in grey
Like blue waves storming the beach so green
Over my head, I'm off my fleet

Kill them all my young apprentice
Kill those men who lost their bliss
Kill these damned to regain peace
Over my head, I'm off the heat

When life hit the bottom end
Ain't gonna float like submarines
Cos' sea gets deep as tears pour down
Over my head, I'm off to rid

22 July, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: La Force Pour Habiter Parte II

"But who you are, the part of you that's so full of life... we all have that feeling, that fire... but we usually never get a chance to use it. And then it just goes away. But you can. You've got this opportunity, so do it. Why not? I mean, this is who you are. This is who you'll always be. And you don't move aside for nobody until you're ready to move. And it doesn't matter how this looks to other people. All that matters is how it looks to you. And if this is something that you wanna do... and this is something that you gotta do, then you do it... Fighters fight!!!"
Another quote adapted from Sylvester Stallone's 2007 movie, Rocky Balboa


18 July, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: Effort D'université Parte II

I shall continue from parte I with the updates of pass few months. The journey continues...

Things haven't change much through time
English makes me think 'bout crime
Salmon Steak doesn't serve lime
Hey, I'm not a mime

Used to have lunch at market
Now eat nasi in packet
Kena 'za dou' cos' no bracket
See, I ain't no jacket

The van I told you change to bus
Big and heavy still can pass
Don't have anymore disgust
Great, I'm almost last

Class and I are now friends
Do this do that hand in hands
Although still have small small clans
Go, ladies and gents

Although exam now no fails
I'm still always not on rails
Getting very near to tails
Sleep, it's a bed of nails

Haiyo so many common test
August busier than the rest
Still can't manage all my mess
Help, really very stress

Time fly faster than superman
Mind spin faster than a fan
Test test until dunno when
So, cannot still must say can

Faster come lah November
Handphone filled with test calendar
Sometimes want to surrender
Haiz.., there's nothing better

If you compare this post with parte I, you would notice the obvious change in character and environment. Everyday in college is an exciting adventure that gives me a slight sensation of fear of the unknown future.