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27 July, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: la transformation dans l'université

Recently, I felt myself transforming in college tremendously in terms of emotion, maturity and behaviour. I'm not implying that it is a good transformation, in fact it is the exact opposite.

This morning, I read a 'joke' on the newspaper that made me think about my change in college. Let me translate it for you.

Student 1: New guy
Student 2: In college for 3 months
Student 3: In college for 6 months
Student 4: Last month in college

1. Canteen test: fly is placed into bowls of noodles and is given to these 4 students
student 1: OMG!!! there is a fly in my food, I better not complain or they will think I'm fussy
student 2: I can't take it, I must complain this time...
student 3: (take fly out and continue eating)
student 4: (eat noodle and fly together)

2. Examination notice test: announcement is made to tell these 4 students about a coming exam
student 1: [2 weeks before exam] I should start studying for this exam
student 2: [1 week before exam] So fast another exam, gotta get better results than the last one
student 3: [night before exam] Nevermine, I still can burn midnight oil for tomorrow's exam
student 4: [1 day after exam] What??? I missed the exam?

3. Sunday night test: ask these 4 students about their feelings
student 1: Gotta sleep early, don't bug me anymore...zzz
student 2: Is this a survey? nice! I can't wait to meet my classmates tomorrow...zzz
student 3: Very simple one word answer, boring...zzz
student 4: Huhhh...zzz

4. Attire test: ask these 4 students to make a style analysis
student 1: No more uniform...yay!!!
student 2: College is like a runway, students are like models cum designers
student 3: Didn't really observe, all the same boring stuff nowadays
student 4: Girls wear less and less cloth, guys wear pants that either get longer or shorter

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