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18 July, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: Effort D'université Parte II

I shall continue from parte I with the updates of pass few months. The journey continues...

Things haven't change much through time
English makes me think 'bout crime
Salmon Steak doesn't serve lime
Hey, I'm not a mime

Used to have lunch at market
Now eat nasi in packet
Kena 'za dou' cos' no bracket
See, I ain't no jacket

The van I told you change to bus
Big and heavy still can pass
Don't have anymore disgust
Great, I'm almost last

Class and I are now friends
Do this do that hand in hands
Although still have small small clans
Go, ladies and gents

Although exam now no fails
I'm still always not on rails
Getting very near to tails
Sleep, it's a bed of nails

Haiyo so many common test
August busier than the rest
Still can't manage all my mess
Help, really very stress

Time fly faster than superman
Mind spin faster than a fan
Test test until dunno when
So, cannot still must say can

Faster come lah November
Handphone filled with test calendar
Sometimes want to surrender
Haiz.., there's nothing better

If you compare this post with parte I, you would notice the obvious change in character and environment. Everyday in college is an exciting adventure that gives me a slight sensation of fear of the unknown future.


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