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31 January, 2011

Uni-5-disaster week 12 & 13 report

Once again, another 2 post-less weeks is over. I know I'm not a particularly good blogger :P

Immediately after DD2 class test, I tried to organize my time to complete my DD3 "not so" practical report. But as lazy as I am, my 平时不烧香临事抱佛脚 (PSBSXLSBFJ) sickness came back. Fortunately, I gotta finish everything one day before the deadline... *wipe sweat*

So I'm now in a CNY mood... nothing much to shout about except that on the Monday after the CNY holidays is my PP2 class test a.k.a. the HORROR! It is so difficult to study when I am not in the right mood. Then I took a stroll in my own blog and found that this happened last year too! Take a look at this LINK
IMU is making MPharm students "suffer"... hahahaha!

We had many CAL sessions recently but the one I remember the most is this particular one with SIA.
When was the first HIV patient diagnosed?
Where was that patient diagnosed?
I would like to ask one question...
What does history have to do with the treatment of HIV?

then he said "those doing the hospital placement with me will need to know these". First thing I did was to search for my placement timetable...
and I found my name very close to SIA!!!
Bo bian... life must go on! hahaha :D

Anyway, since it is Chinese New Year, I would like to wish all my readers with a cute Bugs Bunny picture I edited for the year of the Rabbit!




16 January, 2011

Uni-5-disaster week 11 report

Finally three quarter of the class tests are over! But as usual there are always many hurdles ahead.

DD3 practical report due date is 2 weeks away,
Chinese New Year is 3 weeks away,
PP2 class test is 4 weeks away,
Hospital Placement is 5 weeks away,
Study break is 6 weeks away,
EOS is 8 weeks away!

After DD2 class test, I decided to take a break and joined my juniors in my "grandjunior"'s orientation. Yup! I admit I'm old... hahaha!
my batchmates with 3 Jokers
For once, I felt technology is very far ahead when P110 used HD technology in their junior's orientation video. WOW!!! That is so cool *though slightly laggy*. I'm really inspired to upgrade myself and make a HD video soon... maybe not so soon lah! Well done guys!

Remember this video? It brings back memories of the crazy stuff we did a year ago.


12 January, 2011

Uni-5-disaster week 10 report

Noticed the slacking? It is week 11 now and I'm posting for week 10.

P111 are having their orientation now and I was thinking of giving them tasks, but they were kinda smart as they came to me when I was studying in the library with the "leave me alone" mood. *SORRY*
We had 2 class tests in Week 10 and 1 in Week 11
Honestly saying, I was really thankful that PP2 class test wasn't counted in the finals, it was HORRIBLE!
But maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to it. Biopharmacy 4 was not very good. Those questions were quite specific and they even tested those small details.

On a lighter note, I've been sort of addicted to Grenade by Bruno Mars... somehow it kept playing over and over again in my head while I was attempting those questions in those class tests.
That's all folks!

02 January, 2011

Retrospect 2010

Today is the second day of 2011, the last day of X'mas holiday and the start of havoc...
2010 was one year well lived, the year that gave me the opportunity to do so many things I haven't done before. Here is a pictorial retrospect of some of the more significant things I've been through.

 My first MV
P110 Orientation

Grandfather passed away
Malaysian Studies Drama Project
Celebrated CNY & Grandma's b'day

Sem3 EOS

Random trip with friends
My first hike
My first multi-locational MV
My first hospital attachment
May & June

Ehipassiko Camp
end service in IMUBS
Zi Fen's post-EOS BBQ party
My first time volunteering in Nalanda
IMU Chinese Society Mooncake Festival Video

 My first event promo video
My "Sifu" during my second hospital attachment
My aunty passed Away
My first free concert
I really hope 2011 will welcome me with more positivity, more Allegro and more fun "First Times"!