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16 January, 2011

Uni-5-disaster week 11 report

Finally three quarter of the class tests are over! But as usual there are always many hurdles ahead.

DD3 practical report due date is 2 weeks away,
Chinese New Year is 3 weeks away,
PP2 class test is 4 weeks away,
Hospital Placement is 5 weeks away,
Study break is 6 weeks away,
EOS is 8 weeks away!

After DD2 class test, I decided to take a break and joined my juniors in my "grandjunior"'s orientation. Yup! I admit I'm old... hahaha!
my batchmates with 3 Jokers
For once, I felt technology is very far ahead when P110 used HD technology in their junior's orientation video. WOW!!! That is so cool *though slightly laggy*. I'm really inspired to upgrade myself and make a HD video soon... maybe not so soon lah! Well done guys!

Remember this video? It brings back memories of the crazy stuff we did a year ago.


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wahh.. i look fat.. lol..

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