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12 January, 2011

Uni-5-disaster week 10 report

Noticed the slacking? It is week 11 now and I'm posting for week 10.

P111 are having their orientation now and I was thinking of giving them tasks, but they were kinda smart as they came to me when I was studying in the library with the "leave me alone" mood. *SORRY*
We had 2 class tests in Week 10 and 1 in Week 11
Honestly saying, I was really thankful that PP2 class test wasn't counted in the finals, it was HORRIBLE!
But maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to it. Biopharmacy 4 was not very good. Those questions were quite specific and they even tested those small details.

On a lighter note, I've been sort of addicted to Grenade by Bruno Mars... somehow it kept playing over and over again in my head while I was attempting those questions in those class tests.
That's all folks!

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