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24 December, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 8 report

It's the second last week of the year. I know I've been saying all those bad things about Christmas in this blog, even if Santa Claus is real, he wouldn't fulfill my wishes.

Sometimes it is weird that lectures are so sedative that I lose my control over my consciousness so easily. In fact studying about sleeping is not as boring as studying about metabolism.

I don't think I'll blogging next week since there is no UNI-disaster during this Christmas holiday, I'd like to wish everyone

I have only THREE new year aspiration, which is to score well in my Sem5 assessments, fly safely to Glasgow and enjoy my time there.

KPOP craze hitting me!

24/12/10 aka Christmas Eve

19 December, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 6 & 7 report

By any reckoning, something not-so-good may be happening in the coming festivities.
Christmas- 3 class tests coming after that
CNY- EOS comes after that
Thus, Holidays = Study Break =...

"like having a new neighbor upstairs"
So this is probably the first "fortnight post" for this semester, which means that either
  1. The course is getting tougher.
  2. I'm getting lazier.
  3. I was computer-less.
  4. I was busy doing some other more important things.
So this is a summary of the past two weeks:
Lectures as usual (ZZZzzzz...)
Bought new PC
and new camera
Won 2 Jam Hsiao Mr Rock Live in Malaysia concert tickets
concert souvenir
That's all for this post, I'm just too LAZY to continue :P


05 December, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 5 report

The moral of the SPPRE Rx story is...

 Whenever you see a prescription written by a doctor named J. Smith, think about a long line of reprimands, fines, forced unicommunity service and if you are really unlucky, losing the license to dispense.
In other words, Pharmacy is a Dangerous Profession!

Alright! I'll be serious now. the test was quite fun. Concentration and mindfulness was the key besides knowing all those !@#$% legal requirements. If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you will see that application is as important as the theory behind it.
I think you get my point :P
So as expected Biopharm4 was a number-ful subject. To be honest, the last time I saw so many formulae and equations was when I sat for my Spec Maths finals in SAM.
Yup! I had 4 pages of these for SpecMaths during SAM
Did someone tell me that MPharm was a Chemistry subject when I applied?
Did someone tell me that all they needed was a Biology in SPM?
Did someone tell me that Physical Pharmacy was literally Physics with a different name?
Did someone tell me that I have to be GOOD at all sciences, when I'm obviously not?

Now I'm wondering whether anyone is working on their AG1478 report?
If yes... WoW!!!