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25 July, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: Over My Head

Life is not as it was when I left it
Every second in my life not lit
Where none of my expectations meet
Over my head, I'm off my beat

Life has lost it's essence in me
Like a puff dripping off it's zest
Like a guitar losing it's strings
Over my head, I'm off my feet

I'm swimming in my own tears of remorse
Weeping my eyes out of my grieving face
Losing my breath in a world I once know
Over my head, I'm off my seat

Char black hair on my head turn white
Dark red blood gushing out in grey
Like blue waves storming the beach so green
Over my head, I'm off my fleet

Kill them all my young apprentice
Kill those men who lost their bliss
Kill these damned to regain peace
Over my head, I'm off the heat

When life hit the bottom end
Ain't gonna float like submarines
Cos' sea gets deep as tears pour down
Over my head, I'm off to rid

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