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09 August, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: Getting back at Myself

Why does everything I want to show turn out sour
Why does everyone turn out better
Why does everything I want to be becomes lower
Why does everyone turn away

How can I learn to savor vast knowledge
How can my knife turn sharp
How can I share my deep feelings with others
How can my inner words cut

Who will tell me my deepest thoughts
Who may bleach my blood
Who will help me get back at myself
Who may brighten the next day

When can I get a reflection of myself
When can I witness my pain
When can I make life simple for myself
When can I express my sane

What is in this world I live in
What are they laughing at
What is my problem with life
What are tears in winter

Where have my heart loiter
Where should I lose my humility
Where have success gone
Where should I correct my wrongdoings

HELP ME...!!! I am in my darkest time in life so far. Olympic has started, pumping heart has started, but happiness has ended, leaving behind the debris, the remains of ME


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