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16 August, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: La douleur dans l'âne

This title is kinda rude, so I wouldn't want to translate it too much. Just know that it starts with 'Pain in the .....'. I am really stressing up these days. Trials is around the corner, 3 common tests have just passed but results are not satisfactory. Allthough there are no test at the moment, I still can feel the douleur dans l'âne.

My parents seriously want me to enter a recognised university and after lots of enquiries, I found out that there are many requirements that I have not met (another douleur dans l'âne). English must be good to enter universities, and that is one of my problems. Why is IELTS needed? Why didn't I find out earlier? Now it is almost the end of August, just a few more weeks and I will be sitting for my trials. Fortunately I got a place in the next earliest test date that doesn't clash with any important examinations.

Well, that is not end yet. Just a week after the IELTS, there will be Direct Investigation for Maths and Spec Maths (Double Trouble). Spec Math teacher Ms Lee even said that we were not allowed to bring in any formula sheets, that means I have to rely on my horrible memory... I think I have finally got the taste of college life at this point that I can only use 3 words to describe, douleur dans l'âne

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