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22 August, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!

Hey Riz! Since you've tagged me, here goes...

A) Google Image Search with your answer, take a picture from the 1st page of results, do it with minimal words of explanation

b) Tag 5 people to do the same once you've finish answering every question

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday :

okay...i will hav the freedom to smoke, watch porn, enter pubs (although i won't)

2. Place you want to travel to :

although i hav been to Beijing b4 when i was 11, i really want to go there again...

3. Your fav place :

definitely my whole house... i won't choose which part cos i like the whole thing

4. You fav food :

to all Muslims, don't be offended, lolz... i really like Klang Bak Kut Teh...haha

5. Your fav pet :
actually i only hav 1 pet in my life, a fighting fish. But it dead like 7 years ago, and since then I haven't got the guts to get a new pet. (probably cos i can't even take care of myself)

6. Fav colour combination :

not Black or White, it is Black and white like this blog

7. Fav piece of clothing :

for your information, i don't really fancy clothes very much, but i love my Levi jeans

8. Your all time fav song :

背叛, the song by Malaysian singer/songwriter Gary 曹格

9. Fav TV show :

i don't really watch TV that much, but i will always love a 30minute break from my book with The Simpsons

10. First name of your significant other / crush :
heeeheeeheee....can't say for now (private)

11. Which town do you live in :

Bukit Jalil, fondly known for the large sports complex which housed the 1998 Commonwealth Games

12. Your screen / nickname :
風暴 WindCyclone nandaFRY, lalanandaFRY or just nandafry

13. Your first job :
i'm not working yet, still a college student

14. Your dream job :

see the guy on the right, i want to be like him.
(no, not pikat old lady, i wanna be pharmacist)

15. One bad habit that you have :

i just eat, eat, eat and eat when stuff are tasty...hmmm

16. Worst fear :

do something halfway and can't continue

17. Things you like to do before you die :
my list will be extremely long. lets see... pass all my test, eat every variety of food in the world, travel to big cities, earn lots of cash, marry a beautiful wife, get a decent job, buy a decent house, have a kid, get a car, .....

18. The first thing you'll buy if you get $1,000 000 :
dunno leh! car, house, clothes, watch, shoes, food? I don't think i will spend that money on any stuff yet, cos i hav everything i need at the moment.

And finally, I tag :

1. Shaun
2. Baezil
3. May Hwa
4. Ivan
5. Yoong Jian

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