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27 August, 2010

Uni-4-disaster SUM-up

This is my
100th Post

Study break and EOS took away 3 weeks of blogging time, but
What about those 2 extra bloggable weeks?
This shall be a very short overture of the past 5 weeks.

Study Break (2 weeks)
Woke up at noon almost everyday, eat meal (breakfast/lunch/whateveryoucallit), study in library with buddies, return home, eat dinner, "study" at computer, snooze.

EOS (4 days)
Eat breakfast (spent 45min eating 2 slices of bread), sit for exam, eat lunch, study in library, return home, force myself to sleep for 1 hour, eat dinner (though no appetite), last minute study, snooze.

Immediate Post-EOS (half-a-day)
Went for a talk by alumni and traveled to ZF's house for BBQ! It was a very wonderful evening we had together...

Pesta Nalanda (1 day)
Volunteered as registration officer, art salesman and other miscellaneous jobs to help collect funds which will be used for Buddhist education... it was quite tiring (woke up before 6am on a Sunday!) but very rewarding!

Video-guy again (1 week)
I was tasked to make at least 2 videos for the Chinese Cultural Society, one for the Lantern Making Competition and another for the Mooncake Festival Celebration. Unfortunately I was only given minimal time for the first video and was forced to use simple video footage. For the latter, I've invited 2 actors and borrowed a video camera for the filming and wrote a simple story with the "boss".

EOS Results!!!
AAD screwed-up once again and forced us to wait 2.5 hours for our results...

That's all! There are actually many more, these are the highlights...


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