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23 November, 2010

Uni-5-disaster week 3 report

Week WHAT?
So fast?
Sure or not?
But I feel so lazy to study woh! :o

Sem5 has 4 !@#$ subjects:
DD2 = semua pasal otak dan hormon
DD3 = kulit, protozoa, kanser..... dan lain-lain
PP2 = undang-undang asing yang rumit
BP4 = entah lah! asal banyak nombor dan unit

that's exactly how I feel right now...
Despite lagging in my studies, I still took a long time-out at MV to watch a free movie with Ivan and Riz.
At first we planned to watch RED, but somehow we changed plan and it was a blessing in disguise. It was

 Now it is time to read notes for SPPRE Rx, but what's coming out?


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