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29 June, 2010

Uni-4-disaster week 9-10 report

Woolala! Biopharmacy 3 class test was a total
screw-up! I make it sound happy but it is totally not...
But despite a slight down in my mood, planning for the 5th Ehipassiko Camp was the key to all those lecture-less days ahead. Eventhough many of us did last minute jobs which may or may not be completely perfects, it was the imperfection which made us human! I had several tasks given at a last minute and I sort of made it in a last-minute fashion as well.
I was given the opportunity to organize almost all the Dhamma talks and workshops given by outside speakers during the camp. Then I was given some side responsibilities like helping JaaMing to beautify his slideshow, giving a short talk and also help out as facilitators in games. I am truly grateful for the chance to share the little bit of Dhamma I know with everyone.
I'm sorry if I've done anything wrong or made anyone unhappy throughout the camp!


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