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11 June, 2010

Uni-4-disaster week 7 & 8 report

Finally passed up my PP1 Ethical Essay which was finished a month ago... too lazy to make any modifications.

The rest of the week was kinda boring, mostly due to Biopharmacy 3 lecturers (with only a few
exceptions) talking to themselves in front of ~50 students.
I wanted to shout out
but I was to busy falling asleep to do that!

Then we had Dispensing Exam on Monday which was
You see this book below, it doesn't tell you what Zinc Oxide Suppositories are for... Don't bother checking it!
and why do you put bottles ofwith other ingredients with "indication" that it was needed but not telling us anything. So all I can say is if they want to penalise us for not using it, they better check whether they ever taught us how to use, how much to use and why we need to use?

Drug & Disease 1 started this week with our favourite Dr Currie from Scotland lecturing for 2 weeks. Her lectures are interesting as I like studying Cardiovascular stuff. But too bad they didn't teach DD during semester 2. I could have got a better understanding of my Foundation Pharmacy project without stoning in front of Miss Wong during the presentation if we had DD.
Biopharmacy 3 class test is coming up... lots of stuff to study! After that, it is Ehipassiko Camp!


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