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15 July, 2010

Uni-4-disaster week 11, 12 & 13 report

Oh crap! I delayed my blog posting!!! Oooooppppsss!!!

Lectures of week 11 and 12 are special because they totally fit the description of BPharm students who have been dreaming of time tables having big boxes with the term "PS" for private study. Week 11 has 3 days of lecture while week 12 has ONLY 2 DAYS OF LECTURE!!! There can only be two *silly* reasons for this:

  1. IMU has confidence that we are smart enough to study all those !@#$ing hard subjects on our own.
  2. IMU took our money and gave us this bull$h1+...
I'd rather stick with reason 1. lol

When I was in the Ehipassiko Camp, my mom SMS-ed me that she bought new watch to replace my previous cacat-ed watch. *I have only one BM word to say, Terharu* Then when I came home from the camp, my mom showed it to me and the first thing I said was "that looks really like the one my father has". My mom didn't take it the nice way until I continued to say "the one that I've always admired...". After that, continued having our dinner as usual.

The rest of week 11 and 12 are purely devoted to HP essay, with slight deviation to non-educational related activities (which will not be mentioned here). However week 13 has a new addition of lectures by a very nice and interesting lecturer Prof. Furman. To my surprise, his lectures are not lullaby-ish like other lecturers, with only very few exceptions. His lectures actually made my perception of Drugs & Disease DD change from Demoralising Details to Delicious Delicacies, but only during his lectures. Unfortunately we cannot escape the fact that DD is a difficult subject.

Current Status: Waiting for DD class test to meet me next Tuesday. Eye of the Tiger needed badly for this fight...

To Be Continued... duh!


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