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11 January, 2009

Uni-disaster in the process

Just as the years starts, the world starts coming down on me as I crawl into the International Medical University (IMU). Things were very ritualistic at first with a white coat ceremony and briefings as usual like most educational institution. But just as I was feeling a like a little adult, I was thrusted back into a body of a kid, actually more like a hyperactive kid as I look at the seniors standing tall around my minute body (damn I'm short!!!).

As the situation was obviously bad enough, we were given something the seniors claim we would 'remember for life', this scenario is called "ORIENTATION". This simple word hardly describes the difficulties involved. We juniors were actually divided into groups of 11 and were obligated to participate in the so-called 'games'. We had hardly anytime to prepare ourselves for many of the games which required tedious organization and guidance.

We had to make a banner, a mascot, do tasks for seniors and also make costumes for a dress-up game before the event, that is like 5 days for everything.picture at the bottom are my group members, Ling, Zi Fen, Cindy, Zi Yi, Lisa, (crap! what's her name), (Hong and Jie Yun not in pic) working hard to get a banner upyou see all of them so busy while I was standing around doing nothing (feeling so irresponsible)More pictures will be coming soon, good luck PEE-A-POOP

Please forgive me for taking your photo without your permission and if I spelled your names wrongly!!!

On Friday, we started orientation with a Treasure Hunt thingy... Yup, the video made by the seniors were quite good considering they were not from LimKokWing, but the story was kinda... whatever. There were many stations with interesting games. As anticipated, we were also showered in garlic water, caligraphy ink and lots of flour, much like the ones from other camps. I was also given the 'privilege' to pole dance in a park and scream till my voice also a bit 沙哑.

For now, I still need to prepare for the monday's dressing game, for me, it is cross-dressing day because have to dress up like Usagi Tsukino, commonly known as Sailormoon.

My rough drawing of my 'cosplay' character with all the props used


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