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15 April, 2010

Holiday so far part 3

Number 4: Ring Ring

When shooting of our music video started on Broga Hill, I didn't expect anyone to be continuing the rest of it until the start of semester 4. But CV and MH were very enthusiastic about it and travelled to IMU twice to finish it... *claps*. That was the most elaborate music video shooting I have done so far. This music video took us to Broga, IMU and also the pan mee shop.

This is the trailer for the music video.

Besides MHCV, a few of our batchmates and juniors were also involved in shooting. It was really fun! The story in the music video is the same as the original Lady Gaga version without many scenes because we had limited resources. Total cost of production zero! What do you expect from a free production?

and here comes The Making Of


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