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18 April, 2010

Holiday so far part 4

Number 5: Picnic

From a movie trip, to a yam cha session and the final plan was to go to Metropolitan Park, Kepong for a picnic. At around 3pm on a Saturday, I went to IMU to wait for MH and the rest in her car. We took around half an hour to reach the park using CV's GPS system.
MH parked her car at the second entrance of the park since we missed the first entrance. Then we started looking for a pondok to rest. The park was huge! There were many pondoks around the lake, but unfortunately they were all taken, some by other picnic-ers like us, others by dating couples. We walked, and walked, and walked half of the circumference of the lake and decided to settle down at a "jetty".
Our picnic was very complete with drinks, cakes, ice-cream, sausages, luncheon meat..... it was like a buffet at a windy lakeside shed.

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