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04 April, 2010

Holiday so far part 1

so you thought this blog is DEAD?


I had this feeling that I needed to blog today. Before starting this post, I went to check the last post i did. Then I realized, it has been 38 post-less days.

So as the title says, I'm on Semester Break aka. Holiday. This semester break is exceptionally short with only four weeks, but I can say that it is the most eventful of all my breaks. I shall make this very short for the past two weeks of semester break.

Number 1: Badminton

Immediately after the EOS ended, we planned to shoot a batch video for the IMU Ball, but there were only a hand full of us there. So we decided not to shoot and have lunch at IOI Mall. As for the video, GC suggested editing our older video for the event. Then we had lunch at Sakae Sushi and almost... watched Alice in Wonderland at GSC. Unfortunately the timing wasn't good, so we ended up returning to IMU hoping to get a badminton court at either Vista B or C. Bad luck struck again!!!! So MH, CV, MJ and I went to Cheras to play badminton till around 5pm, then had a "root beer break" at A&W on our way back to IMU.

Number 2: Zoo

Since Monday, we were planning on some trip. But ideas were the same old movies, shopping and makan. Then GC suggested something new "Why don't you guys go to the Zoo?". That question which was originally a joke was exactly what we did on Thursday. Met CV, MH and later MJ and Amy at IMU at around 9.30am. Then we went for breakfast at a Dim Sum shop where the other customers were predominantly ah-pek and ah-ma! After breakfast, we went to Zoo Negara and met up with JL. The trip in the zoo was mostly fun because of the camera (used to capture humans more than animals).

MH comparing her muscle with those bulls?
what are you looking at? the bear or the people?
amy taking MH "swallowing the tabir"

many more pictures in Facebook but I'm very lazy to upload here.

To be continued in part 2

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