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25 February, 2010

Uni-3-disaster week 16 report

This week is the last week of the semester. After another 2 weeks of study break, 4 days of EoS, I will be FREE for a month!!! *slap myself*

4 days of EoS!!! 4 subjects, 4 Bloody Hard Subjects!!! STUDY....!!!!!!!  or I will get this

sorry Jo-Lene!

As mentioned in my previous post, many assignments and tasks are due this week. First was Biopharmacy class test. It wasn't easy, nor difficult, just 50/50... The adrenaline raging one is the Foundation Pharmacy Presentation.this is preparation for it with cards (which I hardly read during presentation due to 紧张-ness).

At the end, I kinda screwed the whole thing by being unsure of most of my answers during Q&A.

Then we had to pass up our Biopharmacy lab report on SPIDER which was hilarious. Click here to understand why.

Finally finished my pharmacology lab report despite some problems here and there. Then I went for lunch with Amy, CheungHoe, ZiFen and KitYee in Midvalley. We talked about almost everything in the world which was really fun! After that, I went on to buy dinner and cake with my dad to celebrate my mom's birthday. That was my day today!

finally, Happy Birthday Mummy!!!

lalanandaFRY 25/2/10

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