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09 February, 2010

Uni-3-disaster Week 13 report

So nice that Biopharmacy class test was delayed, I have time to finish up my Microbiology practical exam report.

If you didn't read my previous post, HERE is something to refresh you memory. We P109 had our Malaysian Studies drama on Friday. This week wasn't very interesting to me as I was not very involved in the "on scene" performances but more of the "behind the scene" type of work.

Guess what is my job! .... .... .... ..... What else? Video again lo!!! But this time I didn't need to shoot any videos, it was just editing, editing and more editing. For this drama, there were only 4 videos used, the national anthem, community message, the end credits and some lightning and thunder effect. So I would say, my job was kinda easy since it was all "cut + paste". *sorry for no originality*.

We also had 2 practicals this week, in 2 days back to back. Photos will be coming soon, they are still in my phone!

Friday's event was really really really nice *Mrs Phoong style*! Once again, I'm the "substitute videographer" as the official videographer had other jobs. This job was given just a day before the event! But nevertheless, I enjoyed doing my job as part of the audience...

How would you describe the drama?

Would you buy the DVD of the event?
Sure Sure Sure! Why not? *I don't need to buy, bcos I'm the editor :}*

Was the ticket overpriced?
Nope! In fact it was underpriced, I would pay RM10 to watch it I needed to.

There were a total of 4 couples in the drama:

Couple 1: Raju (MayHwa) + Selvi (MarJie)
Couple 2: Mr. Tan (KhaiQian) + Mrs. Tan (ChiewVien)
Couple 3: Rahmat (Safwan) + Fatimah (Syifaa)
Couple 4: Salmah (Azleen) + Kee Keat (Gary)

There were also 4 performances:
Performance 1: Malay Dance
Performance 2: Duet by Wei Guang and Farah Izyan
Performance 3: Indian Dance
Performance 4: Chinese Dance
It's nice playing with numbers. So look at the number of audience!
I think this was about 10 minutes before it started.I would say.... uncountable?
and finally
our group photo!!!

Congrats P109 for organizing such an awesome event!!!