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19 February, 2010

Uni-3-disaster week 15 report

This week is Chinese New Year, but unlike most Chinese New Year celebration which has lots ofI had lots of thesefor my Biopharmacy class test and Foundation Pharmacy presentation and Pharmacology laboratory report and final copy of Foundation Pharmacy essay due next week.

But nevertheless, Chinese New Year will have no meaning without several things, which fortunately I had.

 Reunion Dinner at homeHome Yee SangNon-Halal BBQ Pork slicesDeco (not in my house la!), this is IMU'sand lots of visiting~~~no pictures

So then this came along

because we celebrated my grandma's birthday tooThen we travelled to Penang as usual. I'm not sure how many times I drove to Penang, but this is the worst time so far as drivers were more aggressive. Maybe Malaysian speeding saman price is too low, or these people have got too much angpow money to spend.

So now it is resting time for the driver, student and son/grandson/nephew/cousin character, it is time to meet 周公! Good Night

lalanandaFRY 19/2/10

2 Critics:

Iwa said...

haha.. non-halal pork.. there's no halal one.. ;p

lalanandaFRY said...

just realised i made a double statement. Actually wanted to write BBQ non-halal slices! hehehe =D