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05 April, 2010

Holiday so far part 2

Number 3: Broga De Gaga

When we had our lunch after the zoo trip at A&W, MH, CV, MJ, JL and I agreed with a plan to hike the well-known Broga hill on Friday morning. So the next day, I woke up at 4.30am, grab my stuff ready and traveled to IMU again to meet up with the rest. At around 5.15am, we left IMU in JL's Avanza to Broga with directions from CV's *annoying* GPS system. The roads were all dark and creepy, especially along the kampung roads leading to Kampung Broga because there were no street lamps and lots of animal/insect sounds.
the view of Semenyih from the first peak

At first we overshot the entrance to the hill as it was pitch black and we ended up in a small housing area. Suddenly we saw a human figure standing stationary in front of a house holding a dog. What kinda person would take a dog for a walk at 5.30am??? Then JL drove her car there to ask for directions which lead us to the foot of the hill. Signs at the car park was really misleading especially in total darkness. One sign points to the right, when we walked to the right, there was another sign pointing to the left... who made that thing? We took another path which eventually lead us to a sign saying "Welcome to the foot of Broga Hill". The hike took around 45 minutes to the first peak.

just a view of the other parts of the hill

group picture without Wee Kiat (behind camera)

Then we proceeded to the second peak. The second peak was very different from the first peak because there were wasps and bees everywhere. Somehow the "songs" of the bugs gave me an idea to make a music video using Broga as our special site. CV and MH suggested the song Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Using Wee Kiat's camera, we had our first non-IMU MHCV SS video shooting. Every move they made were impromptu, which makes it funnier despite the swarms of bugs around.
Stop Calling Stop Calling, I don't wanna think anymore...

After the short video shooting, we decided to return to the first peak and hike down the hill. But in midway, MJ met a friend who motivated us to finish all four peaks. So we went back to the second peak and we didn't stop much until the fourth peak.
very very emo pose with all the girls at second peak
another group photo at third peak with Wee Kiat

slightly obscene picture of some kids doing small business in public, wait! aren't some of them female?
big business also????
At around 8.30am, we reached the fourth and final peak of Broga Hill.
the sign board at the fourth peak
the scenery of all the other three peaks from the fourth peak
I even got to take some emo-ish pictures using those half dead trees
group photo at the fourth peak
realized the potential of this place to shoot emo pictures
I noticed a huge X sign and asked everyone to stand at the middle to "shoot" this photo target
this photo feels like a album cover, i just can't explain why

So we walked slowly down to the car while looking at all the silly mistakes we made in the dark on the way up. Then we went on to have Pan Mee for brunch at Madam Chiam's Curry Noodle Shop at Taman Connaught before dropping MH, CV, MY, MJ and I at IMU.

To Be Continued

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