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06 June, 2007

Entry To Hell: End, Finale, Shuryo-suru, Tamat

Finale, shuryo-suru and tamat are the many translations of the English word 'End' in Italian, Japanese and Malay. To be straight forward, this is the last post of 'Entry To Hell' after ten posts. I will not be continueing this because my Diagnostic Test has ended, even the results are almost completely distributed.

For the last ten posts, I have expressed my experience, feelings and ideas that I can think of in the two weeks of Diagnostic Test and the one week of result distribution. If you have read all of them, you will roughly know the things that I like and things that I hate, things that I enjoy and things that I do not. That will paint a better picture of me, myself and I. So if this is your first time reading my blog, you should start reading from my first post, Entry To Hell : the Chronicles of life and death. It may look like I did many research for these posts, but to tell you frankly, I did not do any at all.

I hope you would not go to the book stores to the look for the book like 'Book Of History' by lalanandaFRY, 'The Chronicles Of The History Paper' by lalanandaFRY, 'The Followers Of The Aizen Law by lalanandaFRYand so on. These are all fictional sources made by me to make the blog more interesting. But please do get more religous books from the book stores to enhance your religous knowledge no matter what religion you believe in.

You should also read more jokes from the internet to make yourself more motivated and entertained to create a positive atitude and point of view. You should not forget to read your school books and revision books. This is especially important for those having critical examinations like SPM.

Lastly, I would like to tell you to observe my blog oftenly because I may be starting a new series of blogs soon entitled 'Mystery Of The Unknown'. I hope you would enjoy that too.

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