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26 June, 2007

Mystery Of The Unknown: To See The Light Of Hope

I came back from school with my hopes to take a deep breath, eat a wholesome lunch, practice my piano and start my half work, half entertainment activity on the computer. I had almost ten minutes of privacy reading the daily news when I hear an interrupting sound. It was my mother's car! I was very worried that I may not be able to undergo my plans as expected. But I was lucky because she was just stopping by for lunch and went back to her office immediately. I ate my lunch like a king on my throne while reading the newspaper without worries about time or accidents.

But when I was about the step to start playing my piano, the fan above me started to slow down. Then I was thinking to myself whether the circuit breaker of my house had problems. I tried opening the power box just a distant away, but there seemed to be no problem with it. Then I knew that there is going to be a power failure. On a burning hot Friday afternoon, living in a house without any air circulation is a killer. The temperature was about 33 °C, but it feels like a marinated chicken inserted into a wok with boiling hot water. I felt a sudden breeze blowing hot air and thought to myself that I am going to continue playing the piano with hopes that the electricity comes back on soon.

I had fun trying to figure out the keys of my favorite Linkin Park songs Numb, What I've Done and In The End on the piano with the help of the only electrical device working besides the clock, my handphone. I used my phones MP3 capability to play those songs and match them with the piano keys to recreate the atmosphere I love in the songs. The songs did indeed divert my attention away from the heat and made me enjoy the music while sweating.

I played the piano for almost two hours when I ran out of nice songs to play. I made my decision to start doing some reading work. I was not interested in reading about school stuff. I opened my book cabinet and took my long forgotten book, The DaVinci Code and continued reading from the place I had stop reading for almost a year ago. Although the book is good, I did not find it interesting because I have watched the movie three times and got the summary from my mother who read the book till the last page last year. She was so happy with Dan Brown, the author of The DaVinci Code that she wanted to buy the three other books in his collection. I took out the next book, Dan Brown's Angels and Demons that I bought for her as her birthday present. She also told me a very short introduction of the story and I was very curious to what happens after where she stopped.

Reading has not been part of my life. Many books that I have read in my life are left at a cliffhanger. I love reading stories till the climax and letting people tell me what happens next but not reading the next few pages left. If you do not know, Malaysian Education Department has produced several books for English and Bahasa Malaysia literature components for students but I have only read one book from the start till the end. For English, there are The Phantom of The Opera, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Pearl but I have only read The Phantom of The Opera till the end. I would not want to list down all the Bahasa Malaysia books because I have not finish any of them. That is just my point of reading, for something to excite my imagination to figure out the ending and not relying on the written conclusion of the story.

It has been months since I had a touch on my bicycle that I once loved to ride. My father came back from work early on this unfortunate Friday. He tried to open the automatic gate of my house with a remote control but failed because that was no electrical supply. This made him irritated and as soon as he parked his car, he went to the security guard post protecting my housing area to enquire. On the other hand, I was trilled feeling the gentle breeze blowing towards me when I took my first step out of my house after being roasted in this enormous oven. I then decided to take my bicycle out for a spin around the half occupied residential area. The wind was very strong blowing towards me as I rode my bicycle against the stream of cool breeze.

The situation was very interesting because when car reached their house and try to open their automatic gate, it will just ignore the order and that will make the owner of the house really angry after having a busy day working in the office. Many old and young people were carrying stools out of their houses to get out of their overheated furnace and enjoy the natural winds. Suddenly, a large BMW 5 series turns slowly into his house very confidently without knowing that there was a power failure. When the owner press on the automatic gate remote control, the gate swings open for him to drive straight in. I was overjoyed knowing that the electricity has return to normal. I rushed back to my house and the first thing I did was to try switching on my fan. Out of my surprise, it did not move at all. I try switching on my light instead but it still did not light up. That broke my hopes for getting a cool down and getting a nice bottle of cold water from the refrigerator.

My father came back from the security guard post and told me that the whole residential area that includes many blocks of apartments, two rows of shop lots and my housing area is having a power failure. When I told him about the gate opening for one of my neighbors, he said that they have a generator at home. I was very bored without anything to do. My father took my bicycle out for a ride and so I took a small stool out to my garden to have a sit while playing a game on my handphone.

Time flies faster than a speeding bullet, my mother finally came home from work and we made our decision to eat in a nearby shop before I go for my Additional Mathematics tuition. It was nice feeling the air circulate around my body when I entered the restaurant because my body was just about to get used to the blazing sun radiating the heat burning my epidermis away. I enjoyed my meal very much and proceeded to my tuition center. The session was also fun having to meet my friends, enjoying comfort in an air-conditioned room. After tuition, my parents even fetched me to go for a late night shopping at Endah Parade's Carefour because there was still no electrical supply to my house.

Before returning to my house, I had high hopes again that the electrical supply would be back on. But upon arrival, I witness a dark road leading to my housing area without a sign of light. I could barely see the street lamps and the houses. Every house had candles lighted in their dining tables. If you do not know there is no electrical supply, you will think it is Valentines Day because people are having very romantic atmosphere sitting round the table contemplating on the happy times they had together. My family unloaded the goods from the car and did the same with something extra we bought from Carefour, durian and mango juice. We enjoyed the food very much knowing that we may have to suffer the whole night without air-conditioning and more mosquitoes.

As I was walking up to my room to sleep, I was too used to switching on my light that I did not realize that there was a power failure. When I press the switch, the light turned on. I was surprised seeing the light of hope brightening the light in my heart. That moment was the happiest time I have not had for a long time. But now the worries was not on whether I have to sleep in a mosquito buffet but whether this electrical supply will last long enough for me to have a comfortable sleep. Fortunately, after a minute seeing the light of hope shinning at me, I continued to change to my pajamas to sleep.

Although power failure is quite a normal thing to happen in every part of the world, to see the light of hope shinning at me really made me feel a sense of satisfaction in my life. The light may just be any light from any source but as long it brings a meaning in life, that light is a light of hope. This light itself takes me another step towards my quest investigating on the MYSTERY OF THE UNKNOWN.


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