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06 June, 2007

Entry To Hell: Is There A God In My Mind ???

God is a deity, an imaginary being with unimaginary powers to perform acts we cannot do in many religions. There are many types of believes in God, Gods or the King God. I personally cannot say which is the correct one to believe in.

In Christianity, God is the supreme being, the one who created everything we own, control everything action and everything you can think of. Did you know that the name given by Christians for their God is Abba or Yahweh that is in Hebrew and Aramaic that means 'daddy' or 'father' because they refer God as 'The Father'.

In Islam, God is very similar to the God in Christianity. God is also the creator of mankind and the universe. They call him Allah s.w.t. and apprieciates their good fortune by having prayers five times a day.

In Hinduism, folowers believe in the teaching of Gods. There is also a Trinity of Gods, Brahma the creator, Vishnu the maintainer, and Siva the destroyer. They pray mostly to Vishnu to preserve their good luck and longer life.

In many ancient countries, citizens of the country used to believe that their King is their God and the orders of the King has to be done or the citizen will be punished or cursed and sent to Hell. The fear of God is very common in many religions. The Chistian Bible did say that God had an appearance like man and has mood changes and tantrum. Devoted followers often fear in God for this reason.

To me as a Buddhist, this theory is not 100% true, I meant the theory of one God. In the Buddhist teaching that I know, Buddha is definitely not God, Avalokitesvara or Guan Yin is also not a God, even all the famous Eighteen Arhats (sap pat lo hon) are not Gods. Actually Buddha, or Siddhartha Gautama was a human like you and me. Like Einstein, he is a discoverer, not to discover the theories of realitivity but the truth of nature and the way to eternal happiness, not to be a God. On the other hand, Avalokitesvara or Guan Yin is a female deity who strives to purify herself and follow the path to the same target but has not succeeded. She shows many good qualities that should be followed by us and so the Mahayana Buddhist name her as the Boddhisattva of Compassion. The Eighteen Arhats are the eighteen disciples in the Shaolin Buddhist Temple in China. The Shaolin Temple is famous to the world for their martial arts practiced by monks to protect themselves from the lay people. The eighteen disciples had practiced and mastered eighteen out of a hundred and eight expressions and moves form the Luohanquan. They are all not Gods.

Gods do not really play an important role in Buddhism. Gods or devas are living beings like humans and animals with minds (not refering to the brain) that cannot be seen with a human eye. They are not ghost or holy spirits as said in the Bible but just beings from another plane of existence. In the Buddhist scriptures, there were many devas from the Heavens who think they were the creator of the universe because they are the oldest living being among the others. But Buddha did not want to waste his live time explaining about the other living beings and only concentrated on the way to Nirvana, the eternal happiness.

So if anyone ask me whether I believe in God, I will deny and reply as Gods but not the creator Gods but the Gods from another plane of existence just like asking me whether I believe in insects. And if you ask me whether there is a God in my Mind, I will say NO.


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