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06 June, 2007

Entry To Hell: The Chronicles Of Life And Death

The World is a bad place,
Bad people roaming the street,
Smart people walk a slow pace,
Stupid people will just leap.

Old man swimming in the lake,
Big kings get power with their wits,
History tests, we have to take,
I am going to fail in bits.

Scientist say that the World is round,
I say it is like an ant,
Historians say the fossil is found,
I say it is the end.

People say:
KFC, it's finger lickin' good
I say:
History, I am finished for good.

Renji Abarai says:
You must remember that Renji Abarai is the one who killed you.
I say:
I will remember that I killed myself.

William Shakespeare  says:
To be, or not to be
I say:
To fail, or not to fail.

Terminator says:
Hasta la Vista, Baby
I say:
Hasta la Vista, myself

In Ludacris's  song, Runaway Love
he had a phrase
"hell is a place called home"
to me
"hell is a place I gonna live"

this day will be a day I shall remember for life, a day maybe I may not remember for long. But life is a long road to run, I am not sure this is a test or it is just a link to the next journey to the next chapter of life.


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