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06 June, 2007

Mystery Of The Unknown: Time Is A Square Thing

From this date, 31st of May, 2007, the new series of posts 'Mystery Of The Unknown' will be the new category in my blog. I will have a totally new genre and different happenings in my life over a longer time. The 'Entry To Hell' has not been a nice experience for me as a new kid in the block in terms of posting blogs.

I will be starting this series with a short writing written by me about some happenings that occured to me just yesterday, 30th of May, 2007. Lets see whether you understand it or not.

Kuala Lumpur is a large city
Teens get to loiter around shopping centers
Adults have to work their heads of all day
A bunch of teens got themselves on the rail
On their way to the large city that welcomes them.

Light Rail Transit is a great stucture
Many people travel around with it
The old, young, working and students
The bunch of teens are amongst those people
Starting their journey from home to the Land of Opportunity

Money is a means of exchange for goods
But making them are not easy especially for adults
It is the responsibility of the youngs to treasure them
The bunch of teens saved them by only taking a train
Having a short walk from the station to their destination

Berjaya Time Square is a huge stucture in the heart of the city
Just by crossing a few roads, the bunch of teens made their way there
Being early, the shops in the buildings have not opened
The teens had a slow and steady walk across the enormous corridors
Waiting for the golden screen to open their shuttles

Movies are entertainment enjoyed by everyone
There were two new blockbuster movies they were about to watch
But shows does not start that early in the morning
Bowling has become a passing time then
We had strikes, spares and misses with enthusiasm

Spider-man has been a hero to everyone
Three movies has been made for this amazing superhero
They were about to watch the newest third installment of this hero
It was a rush from bowling to this next agenda
There was no time to rest between programmes

Lunch is a meal eaten in middle of the day
The movie was long and there was not much time to fill their stomach
The next movie was about to show in less than thirty minutes
Many of them still insisted in eating in the crowded food stalls
A small group went to a convenient store for a very light meal

Jack Sparrow is a dedicated captain
He is the main character in the next movie they were about to watch
The small group entered the cinema again early
The rest were still in time for the starting of the movie
And everyone enjoyed the show

Good and bad things will always come to an end
It only matters whether it ends fast or slow
The day seemed like a happy day for the bunch of teenagers
But every sunrise ends with a sunset
The days journey had just came to an end

Do you understand? My writting may not be very good, it may even be a little funny for a teen like me to write a nine part writting about a journey of twelve teenagers enjoying their day in Berjaya Time Square watching two movies and bowling. Although it may be a rush, everyone enjoyed it and cannot wait for the next journey to start.

This should be my last journeys with my friends to a movie for now until November this year, but I am very excited waiting for the next journey that may start again at the end of the year. Anyway, there is still a long time more for me to discover the Mystery Of The Unknown.


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