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06 June, 2007

Entry To Hell: A Man's Bad Dream is a ......

Today, I have had a feeling things would not be as I hoped it would be. Things that I expect to be good be bad and so on. But although my prediction has not been as good as I want, it is right for this time. Today is the worst day a person would have ever. I have never dreamt of this day ever coming until now.

Memorizing text, formulae or facts has not been part of my expertise but there are many subjects that learn in school that require me to do so. Amongst them are History, Moral and the science subjects. Fortunately for me, the formulae for the science subjects are provided and it has made me more confident in doing those examinations. Unfortunately, the moral values for the Moral exam and history events of History are not given. This is my biggest problem.

That is only the beginning of my problem. The Moral test conducted by the Kuala Lumpur Ministry of Education crippled my last hope to success in this Diagnostic Test by letting brainless school teachers like mine mark my papers. There are thirty-six moral values to remember including their explainations and examples. To remember those were not very easy for a person like me with weak memory, but after successfully squeezing them into my tiny head, the moral teacher demanded more from me. Let me ask you, if you were given an assignment like this, would you care about the spelling mistakes, punctuations and mannerism while remembering? It is definitely good to remember every single word and symbol at the right place and good grammatical structure. But during the intenst two and a half hour test, no one would be able to spit out the moral values correctly at the appropraite question with exact grammatical structure.

Another point is that we students are required to relate these moral values to the question. Sometimes in a question, many answers are possible for one question because they made a mistake by asking it too genarally. But our school moral teacher with a brain smaller than a peanut only let students answer one answer specificly without any grammatical mistake, no adding supporting words and no rearrangements yet she wants us to relate the question with the moral values with our own words. This is definitely outrageous to everyone.

Eventhough this is true, this moral teacher does not follow the moral values the has taught us, for example, hard-working and moderation. If you think most teachers are hard-working, let me tell you this, I have one who is definitely not but from my opinion, the laziest teacher ever. I cannot give any better example of a lazy teacher except this. I cannot believe that a teacher would let her students help her mark their own exam paper following her unreasonable answers. She is not even a moderate person. A moderate person will think very well before making a rational decision. I have never seen a teacher giving her students some nine essays at the beginning of a schooling day and expect to get it by the end of the week. You would probably be thinking that she is out of her mind but that is what she did. I barely finished those assignments and I do not expect good grades for her silly act.

Remember this, I would not want to remember this teacher for my life as a teacher who ever taught me and even calling her makes me feel like screwing a screwdriver into her brain, yet we have to stand for her before the meaningless class lesson starts. You may think I am just joking but the rage in me towards a brainless teacher like that is infinite. But do not worry, I would not do such an act because I am a rational person and unlike her, I make good decisions before performing them. I will remember this day of my life as a start of a new day with other good results and achievements without school moral. I will not lose to her arrogants during the huge and important government examination at the end of the year, SPM.


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