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06 June, 2007

Entry To Hell: The Elements Of The World

The Earth,
A round, blue and green ball,
A place where we, Humans live,
Where everything in life takes place,
Where I start my meaningless life of misery.

The Sea,
A soft and comfortable stream of water,
A medium for travellers of the past to explore,
Where fishes, corals and sea mammals live,
Where life has no barriers, no meaning, nothing.

The Land,
A place ships come to dock,
A medium for plants to grow.
Where Humans build homes,
Where they destroy what they own.

The Sky,
A light blue plane we see from the Land,
A target where astronomers work for.
Where darkness comes at night,
Where stars shine the path to success.

The Sun,
A big, bright sphere shining its' light no us,
A big and bright inspiration for mankind,
Where light shines creeps out of the horizon,
Where light shines out darkness.

The World,
A large place where we belong,
An asset we should treasure with our hearts,
Where plants, animals and Humans live,
Where nature comes to existance

After the Diagnostic Test, I felt the importance of the environment around and felt that I should also play my part creating something I had always dreamed of doing.

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