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29 September, 2008

Musclés Dé Dansé: Triumph in Trial

It is over, the Trial examination is past tense to me, yet I feel the sense of fear and misery...

From nightmares to sweetdreams, nothing is as real as the hours in the examination hall. I can still feel the tense atmosphere which comes with shivering temperatures hugging my skin. My pen's wobble would signify my boiling brain and gushing bloodflow while my swollened eyes would signify the sore of boredem from books. Is there a saviour when I need it?

Sometimes difficult times can be stopped by a change in pace. A short break in the critical times could make ends meet... somehow. It is like a detour but this longer route may take you to the destination faster than expected. I'm not sure whether it works with everyone but it works for me. It is as simple as taking a stroll from the examination hall, visit the washroom, or even closing both eyes.

Although this harsh period only lasted five days, I have felt the love from the people around me notably my parents and classmates. I cannot predict the events of the coming Final examination but I could only hope that the love can act as motivation, as fuel for me to strive on.

I have been pondering with questions of my life, 'Why am I still living?' 'What is the meaning of my life?' and I thought to myself again, 'Why am I still asking these foolish questions?'. Life is meaningful not because of any supernatural being, not because of the uncertain future, not because of the 'past tense' but the people around me. The love and care, the knowledge, the luxury they intend to share that makes my life worth living.

Thank You Everyone...!!! for all you have done for me


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