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12 April, 2013

H&N: Tough Life

This afternoon during lunch, my friend told me something so apparent I fail to care... I have been a PRP for over 4 freaking months!!! I have one comment about this, working life is definitely not what I expected when during my university days.

May you rest in peace, my friend!
Last few weeks have been tough for some reason. It all started when my handphone just died for some reason. My cute little phone that I bought in Glasgow for £99 traveled with me wherever I went for the past 1.5 years. Looking at the "carcass" of my old friend brings back all those memories of my trips and how much I enjoyed a tiny gadget that doubles as my MP3 player and map. I mentioned before in my solo travelling post that my phone fed me with sweet Kpop compiled into a playlist which accompanied me throughout all my journeys, kept me sane at times and gave me strength to continue walking. I just bought a new phone which has a much bigger screen, better OS and smoother graphics, but things just aren't the same without my faithful friend.
Then I was greeted with "wonderful" news that we PRPs at the hospital had to do research despite protests (thanks to some complains from other hospitals). Initially it was definitely stressful but our group has many really enthusiastic members and good guidance from our preceptor, who is equally, if not more enthusiastic. Things were rough at the start as expected, we had to meet many times, gather and read a bunch of journals and complete a proposal in order to get approval of our plan. Based on our current progress, I would say we are on the right track thus far. Hopefully things will go smoothly throughout, I can't bear anymore troubles coming at me...

And yes, PRP life is tough as the title implies. My day goes by like Lego blocks, fixed up then bashed apart, then fixed up again to start the new day and the cycle goes on. Not sure whether you get that metaphor... In a way, it made me work harder to find out about my job, try my very best not to screw things up and make my day go by as swiftly as possible. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Yet I have the feeling that I am totally incompetent, maybe just not suitable to be working in an environment like this. Hopefully I find what I really enjoy doing.


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