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01 June, 2013


I miss those days when I can just take a stroll around the city to enjoy the scenery whenever I want regardless of the time or weather.

I miss those days when I could just run to the nearby supermarket to grab groceries without starting the car engine.

I miss those days when I walk to the dinning hall at some random time and always be greeted by my buddies who share our happy and unhappy moments together.

I miss those days when my housemates and I march to and from our lecture theaters to face those dreadful hours together.

I miss Glasgow so much!

It hasn't been long since I last been to Glasgow, yet it feels like I haven't been there for a long long time. I think I miss the place not for its beauty but for the memories I have had for the year I was studying there. It is definitely a stretch to say that Glasgow is even close to beautiful.
The first impression of my room, Rubbish Dump!
I remember not liking anything about Glasgow during the first week there. It was at that time when my mentor told me about how much he loved the city and how I would appreciate my life there but obviously my mind was preoccupied by the thought of getting rid of the stench in my tiny room. Hey bro, I get it now! You were totally right! My first time of merely walking around the city was an entirely new experience to me because I have never walked around the city center without breaking a sweat... damn KL is hot!
We only have each other!
The experience of being foreigner for a long period was also a fond one. I remember one day I went out to get groceries with a group of housemates at the supermarket and we saw a lady wearing tudung with her child. Our first instinct as Malaysians was that she was Malay and we had the crazy idea to test whether she was Malaysian. So we stood in a row and started singing Negaraku when the lady walked past. That was just one of the many ridiculous things we do in Glasgow.
I put all all my effort in making my own chicken soup for dinner.
And obviously I won't forget how much I miss cooking. Getting ready in the kitchen was like an adventure everyday. I had a bunch of culinary experiments throughout the year, mostly recreating Malaysian dishes I felt like eating. During festive seasons like CNY, we had our own "reunion dinner". We filled the table with all the amazing dishes we could make with whatever resources we had and eat till our stomachs gave up.
Not forgetting the game that brought us together almost every night when we had nothing to do, Mahjong! Before going to Glasgow, I had no idea how to play with those labelled tiles whatsoever. But all the guys in our house learned how to play it by the time we left Glasgow. It was the muhibbah moment when Malay, Chinese and Indian play 3 player Mahjong on the same table. Awesome!
Before travelling to Glasgow, I have always wanted to experience snow since I have only scene them in movies. During my stay there, there was a period of heatwave during summer when I doubt that I would ever have the chance to see snow. After multiple predictions for snow by BBC, it finally happened in 5th December 2011 just before midnight. It was glorious to run out in shorts and slippers to throw snowballs at each other, to slide down slopes of snow with our makeshift sledge. I never knew snow was so fun at the start and yet dreaded for the next couple of days. Just the thought of walking on slippery "black ice" reminds me of how much I disliked walking during winter.
Of course the main reason for being in Glasgow was to get a degree. Those months were the toughest we have ever experienced in the whole university life. We had to settle into that new environment and jump across hurdles after hurdles that felt like they were never going to end. I believe the worst period was between February and May 2012. That was the time when assignments, assessments and the research project were like bombs waiting to explode one at a time. Then even after all that, there was the finals. I have no idea how I got through all that without catching a break.
After all that hard work and sleepless night, I have finally got what I went to pursue. Looking back at those times now overwhelms me with the sense of adventure in a way that I survived months of punishment and  managed to find refuge in the company of extraordinary friends. We made it!
Before I end this, I just want to emphasize the title
I am not going to forget those times I spent there. I really hope that I have a chance to return to this city once more... maybe in a distant future!


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