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03 August, 2014

The Future: According to film

Science fiction is a genre that gives writers free reign to create new worlds based on their creative imagination. It is common practice for sci-fi writers to invent bizarre worlds that take place in the future since it is a setting of the unknown, so it is open to endless possibilities. Over the years, there were many memorable "Future" scenarios portrayed on film. Let's explore some of the awesome world's created throughout the years.

The new Tower of Babel, headquarters of upper class industrialist in Metropolis
Ever since the silent era of films, a legend was created in 1927... a well-known film called METROPOLIS. A world created by German born Fritz Lang and his then wife during the time when Adolf Hitler gave his infamous speech about uniting citizens of all classes in Germany through the Nazi leadership, the film starts with a distinct upper class group in high rise complexes controlling lower class workers who operate power generators. However the protagonist Freder from the upper class falls in love with a lower class Maria and ends up uniting everyone *ultra short summary for a 2+ hour film*.
The Heart Machine, the central power station where lower class workers operate in Metropolis
It was one of the first films to feature a futuristic world that is used to resonate a relevant issue of the time, the struggle to overcome the differences that separate classes in the city. If you flip any film history books, you will find that this is the first feature length science fiction film ever made.

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1954) starring Peter Cushing as Winston Smith
How about the films based on the famous 1949 George Orwell novel NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR? The term "Big Brother is watching you" came from this novel portraying a dystopian "future" set in 1984 where the Big Brother rules over the nation of Oceania through government surveillance and constant manipulation of the media as propaganda. The main protagonist Winston Smith is one of the editors of the Ministry of Truth that rewrites historical records but is suspected to be in a rebellion called the Brotherhood against the Big Brother and his party. 
1984 (1956) starring Edmund O'Brien as Winston Smith
Once again this futuristic world resonates another issue of the time about censorship of media and surveillance with Big Brother reflecting Joseph Stalin and Oceania reflecting USSR of the 1940's. Several films were made based on this influential novel, the first was Nineteen Eighty-Four, a 1954 BBC television film that caused a huge controversy about its horrific content. Then in 1956, a cinema rendition was made with a bigger budget but still follows the novel closely. In the real 1984, there was the mainstream big budget film Nineteen Eighty-Four starring John Hurt as Winston Smith that coincides with the setting of the film.
Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) starring John Hurt as Winston Smith
These are some of the classical ones, how about the newer concepts of the future?
2015 is just around the corner, who knows when we might be getting our self-lacing Nike shoes, Jaws 19, flying cars and hoverboards? Can't wait!


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