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04 October, 2014

Fire Power: The Third Fist

This superstar does not need a gun to have fire power, he makes fire by rubbing to ice cubes together! He is Colt, McQuade and Walker, and he is one of the most famous martial artist alive. Just how did a man who won Black Belt Magazine's Fighter of the Year award in 1969 and black belts in 5 different martial art styles not be immortal?
The first time I ever seen Mr Carlos Ray Norris was in one of his first few movies, the Bruce Lee film Way of the Dragon 猛龙过江(1972). Most people may not have seen the movie in its entirety but definitely know the most famous scene in the movie, the final showdown between Bruce Lee's character 唐龍 and Chuck Norris's character 柯尔特 (Colt), a hired Karate fighter at the Colosseum.
Although Colt was not the main villain of the movie, his fight with Bruce Lee was the highlight of the movie, showing off both their talents in the classic setting of a typical Golden Harvest style duel. At least we know one of Chuck Norris's weakness after watching this scene, chest hair!
In the 80's, Norris gained prominence as Cannon Film's top action star in many Rambo-styled films. He also starred in a long running TV series Walker, Texas Ranger which put him in the spotlight as one of the greatest martial artist turn actor alongside Bruce Lee and Jean Claude Van Damme. In recent years, he gained popularity with Conan O'Brien showing Walker clips on his show, spawning the Chuck Norris Facts craze.

How can I write a Chuck Norris without featuring a few famous facts... hahaha!

Chuck Norris was bitten by a cobra, and after five days of excruciating pain... the cobra died (Norris said it himself in The Expendables 2).

This is a tribute to the Lone Wolf, the great Chuck Norris.


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